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  • [Philip Shinton, Class Teacher] The Main Lesson runs right through the school from Class 1 to Class 12.

  • In the Lower School, that is in Class 1 to 8,

  • it is always the Class Teacher who teaches the Main Lessons and it lasts for the first two hours of every morning.

  • And for a period of about three or four weeks, a topic will be looked at in a lot of detail.

  • They will, for instance, begin with rhythmical activities, with singing and with poetry,

  • often connected to that subject and then the teacher will tell them about the subject that they are doing

  • and each child makes their own book with their own writing and their own drawings.

  • Main Lessons continue in the Upper School as well and the whole class does them

  • irrespective of what exam subjects they are doing in their lessons outside the Main Lesson.

  • [Bruce Houldsworth] The curriculum supports the child in its development all the way up through the school.

  • We have a 12 year curriculum which matches the stage at which the child finds itself.

  • For instance in Class 3,

  • the child is sometimes becoming very much aware of the difference between them and the rest of the world

  • so our curriculum brings them into the world with very practical Main Lessons.

  • on Farming and Fishing and Mining.

  • My parents originally sent me here because they thought I was quite creative and I love Art,

  • but actually I've turned out to really enjoy the Sciences, so I'm going to go on and hopefully do Medicine.

  • I think this school has given me a much broader education. The Main Lesson gives you a broader understanding of each subject

  • and you continue learning different subjects apart from your exam subjects.

  • [Lucy, Upper School Pupil] We do so much work on the exam curriculum the same as everywhere else, but then we get to do things like Main Lessons

  • like painting the maps. Like what we were doing just now, that's a lot of extra creative work that we wouldn't get the chance

  • to learn otherwise I don't think. Like this Main Lesson.

  • [Michael Hooper, Biology & Physics Teacher] In our Main Lessons we can explore Science more creatively, for example,

  • I've just taught an Embryology Main Lesson to our Class 11

  • and in that we used clay modelling and drawings to work through the processes, you know, as an embryo develops

  • and we took several days to do that. It gives us a greater understanding and a deeper enjoyment of Science.

  • [Danny, Upper School Pupil] The Sciences in the Steiner School are very good because the teachers at the Steiner School generally teach you a lot more.

  • A huge amount that is nothing that we need to know about for the exams but very interesting

  • because the teachers are so passionate about teaching you.

[Philip Shinton, Class Teacher] The Main Lesson runs right through the school from Class 1 to Class 12.

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The Edinburgh Steiner School Main Lessons

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