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  • Get rich or die alone.

  • The stakes have never been so high, you guys.

  • Hey, everyone.

  • Laci Green here.

  • It's been a while since we talked about online dating here

  • on DNews, but a new study that's getting some attention

  • caught my eye.

  • Scientists are claiming that-- prepare yourself

  • for this one-- online daters with an income of over $150,000

  • per year get a crap load more messages from potential dates.

  • For men, they were 82% more likely to get messages

  • if they made over $150K than if they made $20K,

  • and for women, they were 65% percent more likely,

  • which suggests that money can in fact,

  • buy you love because all everyone wants in life

  • is a sugar mama or a daddy.

  • If you don't make 150K per year, have no worries.

  • Most people don't including the people that are claiming to.

  • In analysis on OkCupid found the average person lies

  • about their income by as much as 20%, so in reality,

  • most of these folks are probably making closer to $120,000

  • per year.

  • The analysis found that the exaggeration becomes

  • more pronounced as you get older and that men

  • are more likely to lie than women.

  • The other reason you shouldn't worry

  • is that you don't have to be in the top 5% of earners

  • in the country to succeed in online dating.

  • We found that starting around $80,000 a year,

  • you'll start to get a lot more messages than all

  • the lower income brackets.

  • The folks who are most screwed are

  • those who make $40,000 or lower because that's

  • when the messages really start to drop off.

  • So what are some of the other groups that

  • have a winning edge in the online dating world?

  • Well, being white certainly helps if you're a man.

  • OkCupid found that white men lead

  • the way in the number of messages they receive compared

  • to every other race of men.

  • For women, those of Asian descent

  • lead the way in messages received.

  • An analysis of two million users on PlentyofFish

  • found that it's very advantageous

  • to describe yourself as having an athletic build.

  • This improves responses by about 40%.

  • Also being Christian or Catholic improve responses by about 30%.

  • Overall though, the greatest advantage

  • is to have those dollars, which gives me

  • all kinds of mixed feelings.

  • I mean, what happened to the best thing in life are free,

  • and you can't buy my love?

  • I guess those mantras will have to stick the Hallmark cards.

  • So why is this so trying to begin with?

  • Evolutionary psychologists say that class and income

  • are valuable traits in a mate because it tells us

  • about how much resources someone has.

  • The argument goes that the more resources, the better they're

  • able to care for their offspring.

  • They can put a roof over their kid's head, food on the table,

  • send them to college, and essentially ensure

  • that their children too will have

  • lots of resources, aka, money.

  • So maybe there's something there or maybe

  • we've all been convinced by our money-driven culture

  • that we'd be happier if we have a giant house and fancy cars,

  • which is [? oblique ?] disputed by scientists,

  • but that's a story for a different day.

  • Thanks for joining me for DNews, guys.

  • How much does income matter to you when you date?

  • Let me know your thoughts down below,

  • and I'll catch you next time.

Get rich or die alone.

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