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  • Madeleine, where are you now?

  • - Here with you. - And it's all real!

  • - Yes. - It's not merely as it was a hundred years ago...

  • or a year ago or six months ago or whenever it was you were here to see it.

  • Now, Madeleine, think of when you were here.

  • There were not so many carriages then.

  • There were horses in the stalls--

  • a bay, two black and a grey.

  • lt was our favorite place...

  • but we were forbidden to play here.

  • And Sister Teresa would scold us.

  • Look at this.

  • Look. Here's your grey horse. Ah.

  • Have a little trouble getting in and out of the stall without being pushed.

  • You see? There's an answer for everything.

  • Madeleine, try.

  • Try for me.

  • - l love you, Madeleine. - l love you too.

  • - Too late. Too late. - No, no. We're together.

  • No, it's too late. There's something l must do.

  • No. There's nothing you must do.

  • There's nothing you must do.

  • No one possesses you. You're safe with me.

  • No. It's too late.

Madeleine, where are you now?

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Vertigo (7/11) Movie CLIP - Visiting the Past (1958) HD

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