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  • over the next couple of minutes I'm gonna give you some detailed step by step directions

  • on how to use poodll for the way this assignment will

  • work his first you'll need to locate the poodll assignment on the moodle

  • ah

  • schedule when you find that you click on that link and a dialog box will popup that looks

  • very much like the one that's on the screen right now

  • what you'll see as you see little box in the middle of of the screen and they'll be a request

  • from Adobe's flash player

  • and it will say allow or deny

  • you have to click allow what that means is your computer will allow you to use your video

  • camera and microphone once you hit that allow button

  • you should then get a video image on the screen showing you

  • then simply all you have to do is hit the record button which is the red button

  • you continue to record for the duration of

  • your presentation

  • after you are done

  • recording you hit the stop button

  • and you'll get a little spinning image on the screen little black lines spin around

  • in a circle and what

  • it's doing is it's it's completing the video that you've just made

  • when that spinning icon goes away

  • you go down to the bottom the screen and you'll click on save changes

  • once you hit save change then Moodle will upload that

  • video that you just made to me

  • and then what you'll see on the screen is you'll see a black box with circle with the

  • triangle in the middle of it like you would on a play button on a

  • VCR or blu a player whatever if you click that button it you will allow you to play

  • your video back to you if you're not satisfied with that video right underneath that black

  • box is a

  • button that says edit my submission if you hit that button that says edit my submission

  • then you should get another dialog box

  • underneath that black box

  • that looks just like the dialog box that started you started with

  • itlll ask you to hit the allow button so that you can start video

  • taping yourself once you are done doing that

  • video and your pleased with it that you hit save changes again once you hit that save

  • changes

  • button the second time it will replace your own video with your new one

  • when you are satisfied that the video is

  • to the point where you want it to turn into me all you have to do

  • is leave it alone

  • you can edit and change your video at any point up until the time that the assignment

  • is due but the issue is when they say edit it doesn't mean go

  • into your video and take one part out were leaving everything else

  • edit your submission is simply means you want to replace the video that's online with this

  • new version

over the next couple of minutes I'm gonna give you some detailed step by step directions

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PooDLL Student Tutorial

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    HK Li posted on 2015/02/20
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