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  • Okay, only one hour to the show. Is everyone ready to go?

  • Yep. Yep. Yep.

  • I just gotta pee quick and then I'll be ready.

  • Oh, as long as you're waiting, I wanna pop off a quick email.

  • Okay, we're not waiting that long.

  • Okay, let me know when we're actually ready.

  • We're actually ready right now. Don't get comfortable!

  • (You've got mail)

  • Alright, let's do it! Are we ready?

  • Just got to put my shoes on.

  • I'll be one sec.

  • Okay, if Pat's gonna take this long, I'm gonna make myself a cup of tea.

  • And done (good-bye), are we ready to go?

  • Just gotta put my shoes on.

  • Emily, are you ready?

  • I'm almost ready, let me know when everyone else is ready.

  • We are, we're all ready.

  • Katie doesn't look like she's ready.

  • I just gotta put my shoes on.

  • Then do it!

  • Emily, we're all ready to go.

  • Okay, I'm ready. Where's Trapp?

  • What the hell! He was just here.

  • I bet he already went down, I'll go check.

  • Hey, sorry, sorry, I saw Adam was dressed nicely so I thought I should change.

  • We ready to go?

  • We're ready but Katie's gone.

  • He wasn't down there.

  • It's fine, we're all ready. He's right there.

  • Where?

  • Fuck! Where the hell is Trapp?

  • I'm right here, but where is Adam?

  • And also where's Trapp?

  • How?

  • Okay, let me know when we're actually ready.

  • Don't get too comfortable, we're leaving as soon as we find them.

  • Okay, I'm just gonna...

  • No!

  • Sorry guys, we saw Katie's jacket so we figured we should get our jackets.

  • We figured while everyone else is getting ready.

  • We are ready!

  • Great! I'm ready.

  • I'm ready. I'm ready.

  • We're all ready.

  • Crap! I left my phone over there.

  • Nobody move, I'm not even turning around. Just stay put, Emily, don't get tea, don't get jackets or shoes, just... I'm gonna... turn it right...

  • - Here you go. - Thank you, Trapp...

  • I thought we were ready!

  • Yeah, we are ready.

  • I'm ready.

  • Yeah, I'm ready.

  • Just gotta put my shoes on.

  • Okay, great! Then we're leaving.

  • Yeah, let's go.

  • Like... right this second, here we go.

  • Like... like now, right now?

  • Yes, right now now! Let's go!

  • I left my shoes in the other room.

  • Don't please!

  • [50 years later]

  • Hi, I'm Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor.

  • Three years ago, I had a happy normal life.

  • Now look at me.

  • I'm lurking at the end of YouTube videos, begging strangers for clicks.

  • Just one click, man! That's all I need.

  • You can click over here to subscribe our channel.

  • Or click over here to watch another video.

  • Come on, man! One click!

  • That's all I need. Just give me a click!

Okay, only one hour to the show. Is everyone ready to go?

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Are We Ready To Go Yet? (Hardly Working)

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    Wendy posted on 2021/01/26
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