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  • One question I wish I had the answer to...?

  • um

  • Wow

  • Do you want to start? You can start.

  • Whyyyyy?! *Laugh* Why Life?

  • That's pretty much what I think a lot. So...

  • -How much money I'm going to make in the future. -What my future job will be.

  • Where is he already? My soulmate.

  • I've been dating since I was like 12. I should have found him by now, right?

  • One question I wish I had the answer to

  • is what am I doing here. What's my purpose in life?

  • The older I get sometimes the less

  • clear that becomes

  • What I wish I had the answer to...?

  • how successful I would be in my career in like

  • ten years from now. I'm a singer/songwriter and a dancer

  • I wanna see if I am going to earn money.

  • Whether it's gonna be lucrative enough to make

  • a living. I'm not gonna give up but *laughs*

  • When will the economy start building up again?

  • like it used to be before 2008. The way that it affect me was when I was a

  • trucker there wasn't enough

  • hours for us so they had to lay a lot of people off.

  • It was pretty tough looking for another job at that rate

  • since I had a house. Feed my kids.

  • It was pretty tough.

  • I think that it would be whether reincarnation exists. I was just talking about that

  • today and

  • I mean I believe that I was reincarnated, so I'd probably want to know

  • if that existed. If there was a

  • another life there. Say that as the wind is blowing right through me like

  • the universe is giving me the answer right now.

  • Do I think some questions should

  • remain a mystery? Yes

  • We should not explain spanx to people

  • ever.

  • Like when I would die or something.

  • I don't want to know. I mean, I think it's gonna put a stop to stuff or slow down stuff, I mean,

  • I don't wanna know that.

  • I think if we knew everything then we probably wouldn't

  • explore, or dare, or be adventurous.

  • having mysteries in life keeps life more meaningful because

  • there wouldn't be any wonder about the world around us. Some questions in life

  • we just shouldn't know the answer to.

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One question I wish I had the answer to...?

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