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  • What's up? What are we gonna get done today?

  • How do I tell him what I want him to do with my hair?

  • Like, shorter?

  • Like the same shape but with less hair?

  • Is that stupid?

  • Whatever, it'll grow back.

  • What if my hair smells bad?

  • Can hair smell bad?

  • How would you know?

  • Is he making conversation because he thinks I want to talk?

  • Or because he actually wants to talk?

  • Does he realize we had the same exact conversation last time I got my hair cut?

  • How much do you tip a barber?

  • Should I Google it?

  • Can I Google it without him noticing?

  • It's weird that hair is just always growing.

  • Like it's always just slowly oozing out of me.

  • I have an itch on my nose, should I itch it?

  • I just moved my hands under the sheet.

  • Did it look like I was just touching my penis?

  • Alright, I'm just gonna touch my nose so that he knows that that's what I was trying to do in the first place.

  • What do they do with all the hair on the floor?

  • Do they throw it out with regular trash?

  • Or do they have to throw it out in a special trash, like with cans of paint and batteries?

  • I always just throw my batteries in the regular trash.

  • He's really spending a lot of time on that part of my head!

  • He didn't do that on the other side of the head!

  • Do I have a weirdly shaped head?

  • Ok, he's showing me the back.

  • It actually just looks like the back of my head!

  • Would I know if it didn't look good?

  • Maybe I could cut my own hair.

  • I mean, how hard is it?

  • I bet I could cut my own hair.

  • Thank you very much.

  • You're very welcome.

  • You want some dreads?

  • You want to get some extensions in there?

  • Yeah.

  • You wanna get some cute shells.

  • Shells are nice, I like shells.

  • Shells we can do.

  • Can you do shells on hair that's this short?

  • You can get, like, a little thing in the back right here.

  • That'd be kinda cute, right?

  • Like, what about a look like this, like, all, like look, if you were bald, look at this.

What's up? What are we gonna get done today?

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