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  • Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon This is a bonus video to show you how to make

  • snowflakes for the Esla cake. To start with we need to make some royal icing,

  • the recipe for that is on the website and I'll link to it in the description this

  • below. Whip together your egg white, icing sugar

  • and cream of tartar starting it on low speed and then put it on high for about 2 minutes.

  • It will become white and you'll get stiff peaks like this.

  • Place that it into a plastic bag and cut off just a tiny bit off the corner.

  • Then pipe onto non-stick baking paper. Pipe a line and put a v at each end of that.

  • Then pipe another line going across it and put a v on the ends of that one too. And then

  • repeat that with two more lines going across in the gap of each of those. Then you want

  • to add a v half way down on every second one of those lines. And you have one of your snowflakes.

  • You can also pipe star shaped ones just pipe three lines crossing over each other And then

  • from the end of each line make a point on each side. Then just make that stronger by

  • adding v shapes around your star.

  • You want to leave these on the baking paper for at least four hours to dry out.

  • While they are drying you can make some blue jelly according to the directions on the packet.

  • Then put your left over royal icing on a baking sheet with some sugar next to it.

  • Dip the top of your cups into the icing and then into the sugar to make it look like it's

  • snow. Then fill up each cup with your blue jelly

  • mixture and place that in the fridge for it to set.

  • Once it is set and your snowflakes have dried out gently lift them off the baking paper

  • and add a snowflake to the top of each one of your jellies. And then you have frozen

  • snowflake jelly to go with the elsa cake.

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  • and here for the website. Have a great week and

  • I'll see you on Friday.

  • [song: the boat song by used with permission]

Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon This is a bonus video to show you how to make

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