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  • This thing zoomed? Oh, there. Okay.

  • Fucking stupid thing. Alright...

  • So my little brother, Jesse, is playing Xbox on my Dads TV.

  • and this is like one of those things like nobody is allowed to touch

  • this TV. Every time my Dad catches one of us on there, he flips the fuck out.

  • Last I heard, my Dad shot me a

  • text five minutes ago...saying he will be home in five minutes.

  • So he should be home any second, this will be fucking funny.

  • Oh,

  • Hey, Boobs!

  • There is Poopy John.

  • Fucking Skyrim, are you kidding me?

  • (Gameplay)

  • (Gameplay)

  • Oh, here we go...

  • (Gameplay)

  • (Gameplay) (Dog Barks)

  • What are you filming? What? Nothing. Wait, no!

  • Is...?

  • Shit, shit. Dad! I told you last time what would happen...No No No. I was just going for a little bit. DAD! DAD! What are you? What are you doing?

  • Dad! Dad! You cannot do that! What are you doing?!

  • OH! What?! It's bullshit. Always bullshit.

  • Are you crazy?! (Dogs Fighting)

  • What did I say? What are you...Get! Get away! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!

  • (Evil Laughter)

  • Aw, fuck!

  • Noooooooo! (Smash) (Laughter)

  • Are you fucking crazy?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!

  • What the fuck!!! (Laughter)

  • (Crazy Laughter) Why would you do this?!

  • (Laughter) Fuck you! Fuck you! Stop filming! Get that fucking camera out of here!

  • (Laughter) Get that fucking....FUCK! Aw, he is so mad.

  • Stop fucking filming.

  • (Giggles)

  • Hehehehehe. Yeah, scrounge for all the little parts.

  • I will put it back together. (Mocking)

This thing zoomed? Oh, there. Okay.

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A2 BEG US fucking fuck dad dad gameplay laughter filming

Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox

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    林萊豐 posted on 2015/02/07
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