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  • The ways in which we think, feel and behave are all linked.

  • It is helpful to understand how each influences the other.

  • For example, when I think that I can't rely on my partner for support.

  • I might behave in ways that push my partner away and stop them from offering support.

  • With the result that my feelings are affected, I feel unsupported, angry and probably lonely.

  • These feelings then influence my thoughts. I think I can't rely on my partner and so

  • I continue to behave in ways that stop my partner from supporting me.

  • And so the circle rolls on and I become more and more fed up with my relationship.

  • More critical of my partners attempts to help me.

  • And increasingly hopeless about anything changing. But the good news is that because thoughts

  • feelings and behaviour are linked if I want things to change I can enter that circle at

  • any point. And any change I make is likely to start a

  • series of changes. So if I change my behaviour by letting my

  • partner to help me, I am likely to feel more supported and that my needs are being noticed.

  • And this in turn will influence my thoughts. I'm more likely to think that my partner respects

  • me and cares for me. As the circle rolls on, my changed behaviour

  • will show my partner that I'm turning towards them rather than away.

  • And they will feel needed by me and think that we are getting on better.

The ways in which we think, feel and behave are all linked.

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Circle of Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours

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