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  • Is it good to stretch before bedtime?

  • Why? Are you planning bedtime acrobatics?

  • No, not really. I heard that stretching can help you sleep.

  • If you were going for a late night run or working out at 10 PM, then stretching can

  • help you wind down before going to sleep. If youve been going slow all evening, stretching

  • may wake up muscles.

  • I’ve heard that there are stretches that can help you go to sleep at night.

  • Really easy yoga lets you fall asleep during the meditation portions, too.

  • You can relax during those portions, but youre not supposed to sleep.

  • Well, that’s what happens to me. If that’s not your cup of tea, try the cone stretch

  • and arch and curl to unwind.

  • Someone told me to do spinal twists and wall straddles, but that doesn’t seem likely

  • to help unless I have a tight back.

  • How many people do spinal twists in bed anyway as they toss and turn?

  • I heard that knee hugs stretch out your body and relax things so you can sleep. But I might

  • fall asleep laying on the floor before I have the energy to pull my knees to my chest.

  • Use the cat cow poses to loosen your back if the shoulders and back are tense.

  • Which one is the cat?

  • I have no idea, but doing the upward arch and spinal curve down counts as a whole cycle,

  • so then you’d have done both.

  • Some of these poses are just short of the dead bug pose in terms of naming.

  • I had a yoga instructor say you should bring your knees to your chest, wrap your arms around

  • them and rock back and forth.

  • Was that supposed to help your back muscles or ease tension in the legs?

  • I thought it was a back exercise until she announced, “Youre hugging yourself! Youre

  • loving yourself!”

  • I’d have fallen over laughing at that point.

  • Were already rolling around on the ground, so it’s a convenient pose if you feel that

  • way.

  • I’ll try of the few you recommended. If it doesn’t work, I will watch yoga videos

  • to relax from relief I am not doing that.

Is it good to stretch before bedtime?

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Is it Good to Stretch Before Bedtime?

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    Joeyang   posted on 2015/01/21
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