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  • Hi I'm coach Collin Castellaw with Shot and let's learn the Stephen Curry jab Stepback Move.

  • The jab Stepback is an awesome move and the one that Stephen Curry uses all the

  • time to get that extra separation to get of a jump shot. Now you pair that with his quick

  • release and it is deadly. So let's break it down for you. So the move begins with Steph's

  • defender rides his hip high. So Stephen knows that the defender is caught in a little

  • bit of a rock and a hard place because he doesn't want to let him go baseline but also

  • does not want to give him the open 3. So Steph gives a quick jab step but pops off of it

  • to gain extra separation moving backwards giving him a wide open look. This move is

  • great because it gets double the separation. Notice how Stephen uses a great little head

  • and shoulder fake to really sell that jab step to create that extra separation. And

  • all he has to do is to gather and make sure his shooting elbow is pointing towards the ground

  • and release. And that's how to do the Stephen Curry Jab Stepback. Thank you so much for

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  • and it's free! Again I'm Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Thanks for watching

  • and go splash one in someones eyeball.

Hi I'm coach Collin Castellaw with Shot and let's learn the Stephen Curry jab Stepback Move.

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Stephen Curry Jab Step Back Move: Basketball Moves

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    Shen Thomas posted on 2015/01/18
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