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  • - Hey, we both have birthdays coming up this month.

  • - Yeah. - And it's exciting.

  • - I still have the present you gave me last year.

  • - I know. Thank you.

  • - Did you get my-- - You text--

  • Yeah, you sent me a text, and I--

  • - I was watering the orchid that you gave me a year ago,

  • and my goal was to keep it for a year,

  • and I did.

  • - And now you're done.

  • - Well, I still got a few more days.

  • - How do you-- - There it is.

  • That was--we just--

  • I was there watering, and I thought,

  • gee, would you appreciate the fact

  • that I still had it?

  • - Of course I would appreciate the fact that you remember--

  • You must get so many different flowers and plants

  • that you know that--

  • - I remember that was yours. - Wow, how'd you remember that?

  • Do you have names on them?

  • - No, it's that--

  • You sent me a lovely note, remember?

  • - Yes, I do. - I kept that too.

  • - Wow, that's very thoughtful of you.

  • - No, you're my friend and neighbor.

  • - I know; well, you're my friend and neighbor.

  • I'm sorry I blamed you for--

  • I blamed your tree for taking out the power

  • in our neighborhood, and I'm sorry.

  • - What are you talking about?

  • - Well, it was actually our tree,

  • and it was our property, and it went on a power line.

  • It took out the power in the whole neighborhood, but--

  • - You were the one who was responsible.

  • - Yes, but I blamed-- I said,

  • "Oprah lives in the neighborhood,

  • so I blame her."

  • - How long was the power out? - It was out all day long.

  • It was from 6:00 AM until 4:30.

  • It was Christmas Day, so-- and I was sick.

  • - Oh. - So I was in my house.

  • - You had that thing I had. Remember I told you.

  • I tweeted you and-- - I got it from you.

  • - Yeah. - 'Cause you said--

  • It was that day. It was the brunch.

  • And you said, "I feel like I'm coming down with the flu."

  • - You got it? - You gave it to me.

  • - I'm so sorry. - I was so proud.

  • Oprah gave me the flu, y'all.

  • [laughter]

- Hey, we both have birthdays coming up this month.

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Oprah Gave Ellen the Flu

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    曾喜樂 posted on 2015/01/17
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