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  • At some point, it's not gonna be about the payphone because, who cares, we don't need those quarters.

  • We're on Wi-Fi right now.

  • [In 2004, there were 25,000 payphones in New York City.]

  • [Today, CBS Outdoor maintains 3,200.]

  • So right here what we have is the collection of many of the phones we've taken out over the past two years.

  • Right around this level is where it starts to corrode, this is usually due to both humans and dogs urinating frequently on the pedestal.

  • In some of these other units we've installed angled shelves on them so that it actually falls onto the ground or more hopefully onto their own feet.

  • So, then they learn a lesson not to urinate on the phone.

  • [The payphones generate $40,000 to $60,000 per year in coin revenues.]

  • So we get to a phone.

  • The first thing we do is check to make sure it works.

  • We dial 0, we make sure the handset works that you can hear it you blow into it.

  • And then you make a phone call just to make sure that the call goes through.

  • And the coin gets collected into the machine.

  • This right here we got about twenty or thirty dollars in here.

  • The weirdest thing I've ever found in a payphone was a used hypodermic needle.

  • Not so weird but definitely unsanitary.

  • I've also once found old baseball cards jammed in here.

  • Like old old baseball cards, so you'd think that someone would hold on to those.

  • For some reason they decided not to... the phones really do take on the personality of the neighborhood.

  • Sometimes you would find like over here like someone was giving out guitar lessons or something.

  • And you know it's actually I feel bad. You know... getting rid of it. It's graffiti, but a lot of times I like to leave it, cause it does... it gives a little bit of a personality.

  • "Ain't nothing changed except after we die, we return to life, back to the money..."

  • You gonna give yourself a headache trying to figure out.

  • [In 2012, phone operators added Wi-Fi hotspots to 10 phones.]

  • So it's just like in your home you know you have a modem and a router.

  • But here it's a little more meat to it.

  • And people they end up logging in, they probably don't even know it comes from a payphone.

  • It's a beautiful thing.

  • You can see right here, free Wi-Fi Van Wagner.

  • That's us.

  • That's coming from right here.

  • - [CBS Outdoor s exploring ways to monetize its Wi-Fi via sponsorships.] - The future of these phones is not the phones.

  • It's the infrastructure.

  • If you have electricity and internet inside the payphone, you can do anything.

  • [Today CBS Outdoors has 35 Wi-Fi-equipped phones, and more are planned.]

  • There they are.

  • One night's work, what would you say the total take is, Philip?

  • I'd say it is about twelve hundred dollars.

  • Yeah, I would go with the... I would say you're comfortable with that.

  • At some point it's not gonna to be about the payphone.

  • Payphone may actually even be free calls because, who cares, we don't need those quarters.

  • We're on Wi-Fi right now.

  • Looks like we've got a bag of dog shit... Oh, just an empty bag.

  • That's the thing those people walk by and I got like, "Ah, payphones! They're taking videos of payphones. They've never seen a payphone before."

  • Guy has no idea there's Wi-Fi coming out of here.

At some point, it's not gonna be about the payphone because, who cares, we don't need those quarters.

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The Pay Phone Repairmen of New York City | Mashable

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