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  • I've got here a $100 US bill, it's a brand new one.

  • One of those really nice clean, crisp $100 bills. Okay it's worth

  • $100 American dollars, but it's clean and it's crisp. So what i'm going

  • to do is, i'm going to scrunch it up, crease it all up, completely crease it now

  • so it's

  • not one of these brand new $100 bills. Now I've got a creased

  • $100

  • bill. A moment ago, it was clean and crisp, it was worth $100's,

  • Now it's all creased and crunched up and it

  • hasn't lost its value, it's still worth $100's. However it's clean

  • so I know that the stage is clean but I'm sure that a bit of dust has been

  • picked up. Right let's put

  • some dust, and a bit of dirt. Now we've

  • got a dirty, scrunched up $100 bill. A moment ago it was

  • clean and crisp and it was worth

  • $100's. When it got creased it

  • didn't loose it's value, it's still worth $100's. Now it's got

  • dirt on it on both sides, it hasn't lost it's value. It doesn't

  • matter how creased you are, it doesn't matter how dirty you think you are, you have

  • never lost your

  • value in God's

  • eye's.

I've got here a $100 US bill, it's a brand new one.

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The $100 Dollar Bill - J.John

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    Ron posted on 2015/01/13
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