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  • Hi. My name is Rebecca. Complaining is something that most people don't enjoy doing. But sometimes,

  • it's necessary for us to get what we need or want or deserve. In this lesson, I'll show

  • you an easy three-step process to complain effectively in English. Let's get started.

  • Okay. So the three steps are: First, state the problem; second, express your feelings;

  • and last, ask for action. Let's look at some examples of how this works.

  • Let's say you have no hot water in your hotel room. So state the problem. You say, "We have

  • no hot water in our hotel room. This is unacceptable. Please transfer me to another room." Okay?

  • So, "I have no hot water. This is unacceptable. Please transfer me to another room." Right?

  • State the problem; express your feelings; ask for action.

  • It's very important to do this last part. Some people just do this part. They state

  • the problem, or they grumble by stating -- they're expressing their feelings. But they don't

  • tell people what they want them to do. So if you really want action, make sure you ask

  • for what you want someone to do to fix your problem, okay?

  • Next, you're in a restaurant, and the food isn't to your satisfaction. So you say, "The

  • food is cold. This is ridiculous. Please bring us some hot food." Okay? One, two, three.

  • Next, "The Internet is down" -- "the Internet is down" means the Internet is not working,

  • all right? "This is unacceptable. Please credit me for the lost hours." Okay?

  • Another example, "You overcharged me for this item. This is wrong. Please give me a refund."

  • Okay? So you see, by following this three-step process, it's a very easy way for you to complain

  • about anything that you're having a problem with, okay?

  • So remember, don't forget to ask for action, because without that, people may come up with

  • a solution which you don't really like. And you want to make sure that people do what

  • you want them to do, for example, give you a refund, or for example, not just fix your

  • Internet, but give you a credit for the hours that you lost. So by you stating what you

  • want, there's a much greater likelihood that the problem will be fixed in a way that makes

  • you satisfied, okay?

  • For example, let me tell you what happened to me the other day, a really bad experience.

  • I went to the supermarket. I was really hungry. I had nothing at home to eat. And I bought

  • a roast chicken. And that was going to be my dinner. So I took it home, spent a good

  • amount of money for that chicken, prepared some other things to eat with the chicken.

  • And finally, when I was about to sit down, I opened up the chicken, and what do I see?

  • Somebody had actually eaten a part of the leg. One of the legs was eaten, and the bone

  • was left there. I mean, can you imagine my shock? I was absolutely disgusted. I took

  • action. I complained. So what did I do? I told them, "Someone has eaten my chicken!

  • Somebody has eaten one of the legs and actually left the dirty bone there in the package!

  • And you sold me this ridiculous chicken! So this is ridiculous. This is completely wrong.

  • Please give me a refund immediately. Give me a replacement chicken. And in addition,

  • I'm going to write to your management because this is a health hazard." So depending on

  • what the situation is, you can decide how much you complain, what you ask for. I did,

  • by the way, get a replacement chicken. I did get my money back in addition. And I'm planning

  • to follow up with the management because it's really crazy, isn't it?

  • So I hope you've learned from this, how to complain. I hope this never happens to you,

  • no chicken situations or anything else. But sometimes things happen. So at least, you'll

  • know how to handle it, all right? If you'd like to do a quiz to really master how you

  • complain, please go to our website And you could also subscribe to my YouTube

  • channel to learn many other things that you could do in English more effectively. All

  • right? Thanks very much for watching. Bye, for now.

Hi. My name is Rebecca. Complaining is something that most people don't enjoy doing. But sometimes,

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