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  • Fools on parade

  • Cavort and carry on

  • For waiting eyes

  • That you would rather beside than in front of

  • But she's never be the kind to be hollowed by the stares...

  • She swam out of tonight's phantasm

  • Grabbeb my hand and made it very clear

  • There's absolutely nithing for us here

  • It's a magnolia celebration to be attemped on a Wednesday night

  • It's better that's to get a reputation as a miserable little tyke

  • At least that's the conclusion she came to in this overture

  • The secret door swing behind us

  • She's saying nothin, she's just giggling along

  • Her arms were folded most indignant

  • Not looking like she was to leave

  • I had to squint in order to believe

  • And then like a butler pushing on a bookshelf , i'm unveiling the unexpected

  • I, who was earlier reluctant was suddenly embarrassed and corrected

  • How could such a creature survive in such a habitat

  • And the secret door swing behind us

  • She's saying nothing, she's just giggling along

  • Even if they were to find us I wouldn't notice

  • I'm completely occupied

  • As all fools on parade cavort and carry on for waiting eyes

  • One you would rather be beside than in front of

  • But she's never been the kind to be hallowed by the stares

  • Fools on parade frolic and fuck about to make her gaze

  • Turn to a scribble on a page by a picture that holds her options

  • But you're daft to think she'd care

  • Fools on parade

  • Fools on parade

  • Fools on parade conduct a sing-along

Fools on parade

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B2 H-INT UK parade giggling swing secret squint indignant

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