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  • Christmas Eve is the perfect day to get ahead of the game and I've got a gorgeous foolproof

  • gravy recipe that you can make in advance. So I thought, as it's Christmas I'm going

  • to dig into my archive and give you a reminder of just how it's done.

  • Hey, what's going on? Do you want to get involved? Hey?

  • Okay, this is an absolute winner and must, every Christmas.

  • Roughly chop up two sticks of celery, two carrots and two onions. I'm just going to

  • take the worst of the paper because it's all going to go through a sieve. Chuck in five

  • or six sage leaves for the most incredible fragrance and a few torn up bayleaves. Some

  • rosemary and two rashers of smoky bacon. That will just give it a little smokiness

  • hidden in the background and then the secret ingredient. Chicken wings. I'm using 14 for

  • a big batch but 8 will do. Just chop into them with the heel of your knife to max out

  • that flavour. Add a teaspoon of salt, some pepper and two pieces of star anise.

  • Roast this in an oven for about an hour, sort of 200 degrees Celcius, 400 degrees Farenheit

  • and then I'm going to turn it into the best, best gravy ever.

  • Doing this on Christmas Eve means you've got guaranteed maximum flavour and less washing

  • up to do on Christmas Day. This is what it looks like after an hour.

  • Look you can see it's all gone crispy. This meat here is the sweetest most lovely meat

  • in my view in the whole bird. Erm, I'm just going to put this tray now on

  • a high heat. This will really boost up the flavour of your gravy. I want to end up with

  • two pints, so four tablespoons of regular flour to thicken it, followed by two litres

  • of water. And then give this about 25 minutes to simmer away and of course you extract all

  • of that flavour and as you can see Petal, is well into this.

  • Give it a mash up every now and again to extract all of the beautiful flavour and then let

  • us rejoice. A tray of festive get ahead love. What am I talking about?

  • And obviously the one thing to remember is when you put that in the tray of all the turkey

  • juices to reheat it, you're going to get loads more flavour again so it's going to almost

  • be a double gravy. That's amazing. That's like roast dinner in

  • itself, who needs the rest of it actually?! Pop it in a cold garage or in the fridge and

  • the next day just bring it to the boil and the next day you've got the best gravy ever.

  • Job done, no fuss, have another snowball. Petal, it's been emotional.

  • Oh no, that's never happened before! Come here, come back to me.

  • Daddy's back, it's okay. Can she try some gravy?

  • No Jamie, don't be so ridiculous. Come on. Oh please, this could be the first bit of

  • proper food she's had.

  • And that's on camera dammit!

  • She's only human!

Christmas Eve is the perfect day to get ahead of the game and I've got a gorgeous foolproof

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Jamie's Stress Free Christmas Gravy

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