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  • *Whispers*

  • *Intensifying whispers*

  • Why do... why do we gossip?

  • Good question. Um...

  • Uh, we gossip because we have nothing better to do. Make time pass.

  • Why do we gossip? I think to feel better about ourselves. And to attach ourselves to the other person that we're gossiping with.

  • To connect.

  • We want to compare our own to theirs. We wanna see that they're just as valuable as we are

  • That they make just as many mistakes.

  • Most likely because it's kinda fun and it's kind of interesting and it plays to that low part of everybody.

  • I think people gossip because they're focused

  • on what's outside of them rather than what's inside.

  • The ego loves drama. So the ego creates drama and focuses on dramas.

  • so it doesn't have to feel its own pain.

  • It makes people feel like better to talk about other people's damage and brokenness.

  • It seems inbuilt in human nature,

  • though there are people who don't gossip particularly.

  • I suppose the person who is gossiping gets a certain satisfaction

  • out of what they're saying even though it may be

  • not very pleasant or very nice. It may be harmful.

  • It's the one time we get to completely forget about our own flaws and just focus on other people's.

  • So there's a certain amount of joy in going like "You know what? You know what that

  • guy really needs to do if he wants to improve his life?"

  • and then you go through all the things that they should do and really

  • a lot of it you should probably do as well.

  • Yeah, I've heard about gossip that people have said about me. I've seen it online.

  • People think that I just like dress the way I do for attention.

  • They try to be like others but I really don't.

  • I was with this girl for a while and

  • then we broke up and people start talking about like

  • why we broke up. That stuff that wasn't true but because other people are

  • talking about it, people think it's true.

  • Someone I knew many, many, years ago... We were very close. I happened to come in one time

  • and saw a letter in the typewriter.

  • They painted me in a unpleasant negative way.

  • It just brought the friendship to a crashing halt which could never ever again be revived in the same confidence or the same closeness.

  • When people gossip about me, it's hurt my feelings and

  • I didn't want to get hurt and I don't wanna hurt other people.

  • Just talking about someone in no way, shape, or form helps you or helps them.

  • But if you talk to the person as opposed to talking about them, you actually get somewhere.

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Why Do We Gossip? | Man on the Street

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