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  • Hey Thoughty2 here. Are you scared of wasps? You will be if you ever get chased by a swarm

  • of Asian Giant Hornets.

  • They are the world's largest hornets, at 5 times the size of the european honey bee,

  • they are nearly as big as your entire thumb, with a wingspan bigger than a hummingbird's.

  • Also known as the Japanese Giant Hornet, they're responsible for around 40 deaths every year

  • in Japan. They will swarm and aggressively give chase if you disturb their nest. A single

  • sting is enough to kill a human, even if you're not allergic to hornet venom. One victim described

  • the sting as feeling "like a hot nail being driven into my leg."

  • Think giant wasp's are deadly? How about a "sea wasp", that's the name given to the Australian

  • Box Jellyfish. The box jellyfish is the most venomous animal in the world. They have up

  • to 60 tentacles, each 4.6 metres (15 feet) long. Each of it's tentacles has 5,000 stinging

  • cells and enough venom to kill 60 humans. It's sting will kill you in minutes, by shutting

  • down your nervous system. Most victims don't even make it back to shore.

  • Scary stuff, but don't be fooled by the Cone Snail.

  • The cone snail looks innocent with its beautifully ornate shell, but it's a nasty little bugger.

  • A single drop of venom from this underwater menace is enough to end 20 human lives. Inside

  • its shell is a poison dart that will instantly harpoon you if you pick it up. Once its venom

  • is inside you, it will quickly paralyse your entire body then you have about 2 hours to

  • live; there is no anti venom. Cone snails are found in the oceans of tropical countries

  • such as Brazil.

  • A fear of spiders is extremely commonplace, but arachnophobics can relax, because they

  • may look creepy, but the fact is, an extremely small percentage of spider species actually

  • carry venom that is lethal to humans. Even the infamous Black Widow's deadliness is a

  • bit of a myth, Black Widow spiders aren't aggressive and very rarely bite, but when

  • they do the dose of toxins they inject is usually not fatal to humans. However there

  • is one spider you should worry about, more than any other. The Amazon Rainforest is home

  • to the world's most dangerous spider, the Brazilian Wandering Spider. It's awfully aggressive

  • and intensely venomous. Even though they're smaller than most spider species they're not

  • afraid of humans. Luckily they only inject a dose of venom lethal to humans 40% of the

  • time, the rest of the time you will just feel immense pain. But these little horrors have

  • another rather humorous but unfortunate side effect. Males bitten by the Wandering Spider

  • will be afflicted with a prolonged erection. The spider's venom has been called "natural

  • Viagra".

  • They're all terrifying animals, but for sheer number of kills none of these killers come

  • close to the biggest mass murderer of all, the mosquito. Mosquitos are responsible for

  • between 2 to 3 million human deaths every year, mostly in Africa. They're bites can

  • transfer parasites that carry malaria.

  • But which animal, if it were you vs. them, one to one would guarantee your death, if

  • it attacks. The prize goes to the brown bear. Weighing in at 635 kg or 1,400 lbs the grizzly

  • bear would be your most formidable opponent. It can kill you with a single swipe of it's

  • paw. There's no use running, they're much faster than you. Brown bears can reach speeds

  • of 30 miles per hour. calculated you would need a head start of 2,146 metres

  • to outrun a brown bear if it chased you. That's about 21 football pitches. And don't think

  • you can escape up a tree, or dive into the nearest lake, bears are exceptional swimmers

  • and tree climbers. If a brown bear decide's you're it's breakfast, you're it's breakfast.

  • Luckily for us, they don't attack humans often, especially not groups, attacks on groups of

  • more than 3 are virtually unheard of.

  • So what truly is the most dangerous animal? Well if there's one animal I wouldn't want

  • to get into a fight with, it's the brown bear.

Hey Thoughty2 here. Are you scared of wasps? You will be if you ever get chased by a swarm

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