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  • You lost a lot of weight for that film, right?

  • Yeah, I lost , like 25 or 30 pounds, yeah.

  • And why? You just thought he should look

  • Why not, you know?

  • Yeah.

  • No, because the character, I feel like, was kind of like a coyote, you know?

  • He’s in southern California, and there are all these coyotes all over the place.

  • And I just thought of him like that.

  • And I talked to the director, and there’s a big part of the movie that is Los Angeles, you know?

  • It’s a huge character in the film.

  • And I just thought of him as, like, this hungry, scavenging, kind of animal.

  • And then I thought he needed to look like that.

  • It worked. You looked very hungry.

  • I was.

  • I bet you were.

  • And I wonder how youre starving yourself, and working, and expending that energy, and not being exhausted.

  • How did you have energy to work if you were that hungry?

  • I feel…I want to ask you the same thing.

  • You work so hard. How are you

  • I eat a lot.

  • No, I mean, when youre driven, and you have an idea, and youre inspired by something.

  • You know, a lot of times youll drive though it. That’s sort of the character, and that’s the mind set I was in.

  • But I also found myself with a lot of energy, you know, weirdly.

  • It’s like you kind of work overtime.

  • And then you get more energy cause youre more tired.

  • And that’s what happened. And it was all in the character, you know?

  • It’s all in the movie. That’s fantastic.

You lost a lot of weight for that film, right?

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Jake Gyllenhaal on His Weight Loss

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