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  • Yeah! At TJ Maxx, yeah, I know. I'm obsessed.

  • Oh hey, you look like you love commitment.

  • Whoo boy! Hey what you got under that shirt, sweetie.

  • Bet it's a good heart.

  • [If women catcalled men.]

  • Bet those arms could put together my IKEA furniture.

  • Come talk to me, sweetie! You want a family?

  • Aye bay-bay! Aye bay-bay! I'd bet you'd let me choose what to do with my own body.

  • Your ass would look so good on my couch.

  • Do you watch reality TV? How are you at foot rubs?

  • I bet you can handle a girl with all kinds of emotions.

  • Hey baby! You hear me? You hear me? Yeah, 'cause you're a good listener.

  • Mmm, boy. I bet your bathroom is so clean.

  • You look so emotionally stable!

  • Those arms look like they could carry some babies.

  • You look like a real mess--let me fix you.

  • Ooh! Damn, baby, I bet you have a job with health insurance!

  • I bet you would treat me with respect.

  • Is that bulge real?

  • Oh, darling, you look monogamous!

  • Hey, nice shoes. Wanna spoon?

  • Screw you!

  • You talk to your mama with that mouth--or at all? 'Cause a good relationship with your mother is important to me.

  • Does the beard match the carpet?

  • Damn, you're cute, hey, you wanna go back to my place--we can eat pizza, we can hold each other all night!

  • You're hot!

Yeah! At TJ Maxx, yeah, I know. I'm obsessed.

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If Women Catcalled Men

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    彭彥婷 posted on 2020/07/20
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