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  • This video sparked an online viral storm

  • about the new iPhone 6 smartphones And how they bend under pressure

  • From there, #bendgate took off on social media with people bending their phones

  • Blaming tight pants and spoofing the whole story

  • Consumer Reports wanted to bring some science to the matter

  • And find out how much force does it take

  • For a phone to bend and not bend back

  • So we took 6 smartphones, including the new iPhones, into our lab for stress testing

  • We used what's called an Instron compression test machine. Right behind me.

  • We started at 10 pounds of force for 30 seconds, then release

  • The we upped the force in 10 pound increments and noted it when the phone first began to deform

  • Our test lineup, the iPhone 6 Plus, obviously

  • Along with its comfortably sized competitors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the LG G3

  • We also tested the smaller iPhone 6 along with the HTC One M8

  • For apple fans still holding on their iPhone 5, we put that one in, too.

  • We tested 1 sample of each. Turns out,

  • it takes a lot of force to permanently bend one of these new iPhones

  • And all the other phones we tested for that matter

  • Even the phones that bent first, the iPhone 6 and HTC One took 70lbs of force before bending permanently

  • The iPhone 6 Plus took more punishment at 90 lbs

  • But the smaller, thicker precursor, the iPhone 5 outperformed both of siblings at our test

  • The no noticeable deformation until 130 lbs of force

  • Finally, there was the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  • which sprang back to form up until we applied 130 lbs and 150 lbs respectably

  • At that point, their screens separated from their cases and stopped working

  • For comparison, we put a few pencils in the Intron

  • It took 80 pounds of force to break 4

  • I've got 4 right hereI've got 4 right here. And I can tell you, that's pretty tough

  • Alright, maybe 3

  • And this is what 100 lbs of force look like on a tennis ball, fresh out of the can

  • One note, a bent phone is bad, but can still function

  • All the iPhones and HTC One looked beat up after our initial test, but were still working

  • So we went further to see how much more they could take. As we moved beyond 90 lbs of force

  • Screens on those phones started separating from their cases

  • The iPhone 5 held up the longest of these 4, maxing out at 150 lbs of force

  • Apple's official response is

  • "With normal use, a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, "

  • "a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus"

  • So what's the bottom line for bendgate? Well, based on our comparative here at Consumer Reports

  • While not the strongest phones on the market, fear of a serious structural design flaw in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus seem overblown

  • Follow our ongoing coverage of the new iPhone 6's and all of our electronic reviews

  • at

This video sparked an online viral storm

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iPhone Bending: Consumer Reports' Lab Results

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