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  • Homer, I have gotten you the most important gift a man your age can get.

  • You're having your boobs embiggoned? You don't have to, they're fine just the way they will be.

  • No you're getting a colonoscopy.

  • Oh, that's wonderfull... Pardon me for a moment...

  • colonoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the large...

  • Doh, I don't understand.

  • They stick a camera up your ah-ow, but this time you won't be doing it to win a bar bet.

  • That bar bet paid for the camera removal.

  • Welcome to the Mayo Clinic.

  • Mmmm, Mayo...

  • I'm glad you're here Homer.

  • Early detection can lead to complete removal of tumerous polyps and ....

  • Are we gunna' talk or make a movie?

  • Now, Homer, breath into this mask...

  • (snoring sounds)

  • He's asleep, I almost feel guilty about charging for the anesthesia...Almost.

  • Will he be alright doctor?

  • Listen I've done hundreds of these and ...Good Lord!

  • This ass is why I became a doctor!

  • This is my Sistine chapel, this is my Moby Dick, this is my Sargent Peppers...

  • How did that get in there?

  • That's his wedding band.

  • He told me he was getting it polished.

  • According to this he has three active polyps.

  • Now comes the fun part.

  • You cut them out?

  • Oh, we don't use that term, we prefer rip.

  • (trumpet sounds)

  • I feel great.

  • Once there was a mountain, now there is a breeze.

  • Hallelujah!

  • (Hallelujah chorus)

  • Let's take this new colon out for a spin..

  • To Crusty Burger!

  • Wait, Mr Simpson, the camera is still inside you!

  • I'll return it after Lisa's recital.

  • Hallelujah!

Homer, I have gotten you the most important gift a man your age can get.

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Homer's Colonoscopy

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    Zenn posted on 2013/04/11
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