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  • Women decide whether or not they like a guy within 15 minutes of meeting them.

  • That's a full 14 minutes and 59 seconds longer than YouTube viewers.

  • Welcome to DNews, I’m Ross Everett. Women’s intuition, aside from being the name of my

  • new fragrance line, is a very powerful thing. Not unlike my new fragrance line.

  • From the moment a woman lays eyes on a possible mate they're analyzing their traits, deciding

  • Do I want my offspring to have these?”

  • How do we knows this? Well, findings from the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio

  • has been doing experiments on the brains offruit flies.

  • Ross, are you saying that women have the brains of fruit flies? Not at allmen do too.

  • Here's a fun little factoid: fruit flies are often used for research because they share 60 percent of human genes. So when someone says you have a flea brain, they're not far off.

  • Our brains share six of the same chemicals that transmit messages as well as have the

  • same division of regions that process sound, sight and smell.

  • Think about that next time you're about to make a big decision.

  • When studying these fruit fly brains, scientists identified one single gene that, when mutated,

  • rendered a female completely incapable of deciding on a mate - even when a male is trying really hard.

  • The poor guy.

  • You're not gonna get it. It's already been decided

  • From there, scientists were able to map this courtship gene to a small number of excitatory neurons

  • located in just three distinct regions of the brain - two of which, they never even

  • knew had anything to do with mating behavior.

  • So it's that tiny number of neurons that help a lady-fly decide whether she's impressed

  • by all of his dancing, and singing and pheromone-releasing. And if it takes a male any longer than 15 minutes to win her over,

  • That's pretty much a "no".

  • So, if you want to get a big consensual YES from a partner, remember to always

  • put your most exciting foot forward. And if you get rejected, maybe it's not you, maybe it's just her

  • excitatory neurons are just malfunctioning.

  • Do you find yourself gravitating towards more exciting options? Let me know in the comments down below.

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  • And also, if you would like to hear about the changes to California's sexual consent law,

  • You can check out this video where I lay it all out loud in the simplest of ways.

  • Well, now in California there flipping no means no on it's head and throwing it's legs over their shoulders

  • consensually, of course, as they've embraced a new position on what it means to give consent.

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Women decide whether or not they like a guy within 15 minutes of meeting them.

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Men Only Have 15 Minutes To Impress A Woman!

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