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  • Yep, he is gone.

  • Okay, make a note.

  • In the future, we will no longer throw surprise parties for people with heart problems.

  • Guys, I told you this was a bad idea.

  • Jeremy doesn't feel emotions like normal people.

  • The shock was just too much.

  • This is horrible. My hands are still shaking.

  • What do we do?

  • -We bury him. -I'll get a shovel.

  • Guys, hold on.

  • Look, we've just been through a terrible experience and we're not thinking clearly.

  • I think everyone needs to just sit on the couch, try to relax. I'll make some phone calls.

  • Don't worry. Go see.

  • It's a cop.

  • -He's going to think we killed Jeremy! -What do we do?

  • We can't let him take us.

  • Guys, calm down.

  • This was a tragic accident.

  • That's all.

  • We have nothing to hide here.

  • I'm sorry, Matt.

  • I don't know why we freaked out.

  • I don't even know why I'm holding this thing.

  • Oops!

  • It's totally going to look like we stabbed Jeremy now.

  • What are we going to do?

  • We can't let him take us.

  • Whoa! Guys!

  • Yes, this looks suspicious, but we will only make things worse if we try to cover it up.

  • Best to just calmly explain what happened.

  • Okay, you're right again, Matt. Sorry.

  • Man, I don't even know why I'm holding this thing.

  • He's never going to believe us now!

  • What do we do?

  • We can't let him take us!

  • The poison from these darts can take a man out in two seconds.

  • What?

  • It's for when I go jogging at night.

  • No, stop. Stop!

  • There is no need to panic!

  • I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay?

  • It's just the last two minutes have been really stressful.

  • But I think you're right. I just...

  • We can't stop framing ourselves for Jeremy's murder!

  • He wasn't murdered!

  • Maybe he was; I don't know. I can't keep track of the details!

  • We're fugitives now. We have to defend ourselves.

  • No, guys. Stop! Stop! Stop!

  • Drop your weapons and get on the ground.

  • Put your hands on your head.

  • You people make me sick.

  • This is officer Harkey requesting backup at 772...

  • Umm... You know what? On a second thought, cancel that request.

  • We do not need backup. Cancel that request.

  • So... any of you guys got a shovel?

Yep, he is gone.

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Studio C - Panic Attack

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    鍾秀秋 posted on 2020/09/04
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