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  • SCOUT! Yo what do you want? I'm busy

  • It is not little man's turn to use teleport

  • I got baby face you idiot, I'm compensatin' for debuffs here

  • Oof! Hey! Oh my god I can't believe you're doing this

  • Gugh, move it tubbo! Guh, let go!

  • Heavy is more important than Scout

  • Hey hey hey! You boys stop that horseplayin' right now before you turn! (OW! OW! Dude stop slapping me!)

  • Dag nabbit!

  • Uuuugh, Heavy not feel very go-- Buhhh

  • Feels like an elephant sittin' on my rib cage

  • Baby man?

  • Fatass?

  • Heavy: SPY! Scout: SPY!

  • Heavy: No... Scout: No...

  • Heavy: Scout? Scout: Heavy?

  • But... But that's impossible! We must have... Done something to the-

  • There you are!

  • What the hell were you boys thinking?

  • The teleporter will only accept one person at a time

  • Now what if you both ended up fused together?

  • Or hell with scrambled brains?

  • Alright, lesson learned, back to work you two

  • Look, we'll tell hardhat about our little problem alright? But not now

  • But, you are you, and I am me, we cannot be eachother

  • How hard can it be? Really...

  • Mission begins in 10 seconds

  • Something smells fishy...

  • Gentleman, I believe you all know why we are gathered here

  • OO! Is someone getting married?

  • The reason you are here today, is regarding the Heavy and the Scout

  • And their behavior is closely associated with that of a spy

  • Und how do you know zhat?

  • Being one of the best in the world myself

  • WHAT? A SPY! (Medic: Noooo)

  • At least you're responsive, anyway, we must capture these spies immediately. Yes Sniper?

  • Do we throw piss at them?

  • No... I have a better idea

  • *Sniff* Yo, do you smell that? Ugh...

  • Dammit!

  • Uh, hold on, let me try again

  • Oh for the love of... GIVE ME THAT!

  • Oh, that's how you do it

  • Wake up

  • That's better, so, what did you spies do with the real Heavy and Scout?

  • SPEAK!

  • No! Nonononono wait! We can explain!

  • You have a lot to explain. Soldier!

  • Alright sister, prove that you're not a spy! What is your first name?

  • Well what's yours, dumbass?

  • Oh my god... I've been a spy all along! I am a disgrace!

  • Stop you imbecile!

  • Listen you! You have three seconds to explain yourself!

  • Stop!

  • Now you cut that out spy

  • Silence laborer, these men are double agents

  • They're not spies, you snail suckin' dumbass!

  • These idiots were fightin' on the teleporter a few days ago

  • Then I found out they put the space fluctuator outta line!

  • What you see here are two dumb minds who somehow switched bodies, ain't that right?

  • Da! Engi hits nail on the head!

  • Follow me you two, might as well fix you up

  • Y'all ready?

  • Why don't you go first this time?

  • No, you go first

  • No way dude, I was first the last time

  • No, Heavy was!

  • Uuuugh, when will this idiocy end?

  • Man, I think we're just gettin' started

SCOUT! Yo what do you want? I'm busy

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Mann Swap [Saxxy 2014]

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    eaglekuo posted on 2014/09/30
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