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  • It's so lovely to meet you, and I love the fact that you are a snow queen, but not really

  • a snow queen. You know what I mean? She's not horrible like we think...

  • She's complicated. Yeah, she's... She's very dynamic, and she's surprising for a Disney

  • character as well. Her name's Elsa, and she's... she's a young woman with these powers that

  • when she gets emotional, she can make ice and snow and she almost really hurts her sister

  • with these powers by accident, and so she's sequestered for her whole life by her parents.

  • Yeah, I know. It's very sad. And so she compromises who she is for a very long time until finally

  • circumstances arise where she can't anymore and although she has to sort of live the life

  • alone, she at least finally becomes her truest self and owns who she is. It's a beautiful

  • moment, and it gets punctuated with a terrific song.

  • I was going to say. The songs are amazing. Which one was your favourite?

  • Mine is my favourite! But then, Let It Go is an amazing song, but then I love Do

  • You Want To Build a Snowman? and there's the one about summer, I think is amazing. Hilarious.

  • Now, as you were saying, Elsa has these great kind of fears. What would you say in life...

  • What would you say you're most scared of?

  • Most scared of in life? Oh gosh...

  • So many things. I mean, I guess in relation to Elsa, it's very similar. It's the idea

  • of really letting go and showing all of who I am to the world. That's a scary thing that

  • we all deal with, and I think especially women, you know, when we're powerful and we're strong

  • women, we wrestle with the fact of letting that be and still being loved, and so I think

  • I still struggle with that today.

  • I love the fact that this film... It's a girl, women, killing it! Do you know what I mean?

  • It's two awesome sisters doing it, and it's so great to you know, have this as the new

  • Disney film. Two awesome women.

  • It totally is.

  • If you had a special power, what would you have?

  • My answer lately has been somewhat melancholy because one of my closest friends is very

  • sick so my answer would be to have the power to heal.

  • Aw, that's so sweet. Actually Kristen told us you said that, and she said I'm going to

  • steal it.

  • And then when she said... Did she say hers was the power of persuasion?

  • Then she changed it. She wanted to be a healer instead.

  • And I thought hers was so cool. I was going to steal hers. That's funny.

  • And if you were queen, what would be the first rule you'd make?

  • Queen? Yeah.

  • First rule I would make? Oh, that's a good question.

  • Everyone has to learn the Beatles. Start learning all the songs from the Beatles catalogue when

  • they're four years old.

  • Yeah. Done.

  • It just makes us better artists, better musicians, better human beings.

  • Absolutely done. And lastly, so in the film, you have kind of the boy... You have Kristoff

  • and you have got Hans. Have you ever gone for a Hans type character?

  • My husband is a Hans looking character with a Kristoff inside, so I guess that's what

  • I like.

  • You have the best of both worlds.

  • You got the nice guy and the looks too. And we should high five on that. Well done!

It's so lovely to meet you, and I love the fact that you are a snow queen, but not really

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