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  • Why, hello!

  • Now, I've got a tip for you

  • to show you how to cook a prawn just like you're a chef.

  • I've got a few different varieties here.

  • I've got some beautiful big king prawns.

  • I've also got some little green prawns.

  • And I've got a couple of these banana prawns

  • which are still shell-on.

  • So just a little bit of salt.

  • And I always put just a little bit of oil on the prawns

  • before I start cooking them.

  • Pop them onto a grill pan.

  • What you wanna do is not touch them for a minute or so.

  • So you wanna cook them sort of 40% of the way through from one side

  • before you turn the prawn.

  • Now, what that means is it's on the grill

  • for about a minute or two minutes before you turn it.

  • The real key to cooking beautiful prawns on a barbecue or a grill pan

  • is to make sure you preheat that barbecue and grill pan

  • so as soon as it goes on, you start that cooking process.

  • The other thing that's really important about your prawns

  • is selecting the right ones.

  • Make sure they're responsibly sourced.

  • And I'm really proud to say at Coles now,

  • all of our prawns are responsibly sourced, which is just great.

  • OK.

  • Now, if you get down and have a look at the prawn,

  • you'll see that half of it has sort of started to change colour

  • and then the other half is still translucent,

  • which means you've cooked 40 or 50% of it.

  • Now we're gonna turn it over. You'll see the colour start to change.

  • And for the shell-on prawns,

  • you'll see they'll start to go from green to pink,

  • which is exactly what you want.

  • So I'm turning the shell-on prawns once they've started to turn pink

  • and you just give them another 30 seconds or so longer

  • than the peeled ones.

  • OK, now, these prawns are cooked.

  • I can see that because I can see all the way through it.

  • The best way to tell is just to take one off,

  • get your knife and just go ahead and cut right on through it.

  • And you should be able to see that the colour

  • is consistent all the way through the prawn.

  • And you can see that on the one I've just cut.

  • One last thing that I always do when I cook prawns

  • is I just finish them off with a tiny bit of steam.

  • And I do that using citrus fruit. So just get a lemon.

  • And just squeeze that. See the steam?

  • Oh! Delicious.

  • And you see, that was just a couple of minutes on either side

  • and they're done.

  • Here's one of my favourites, the king prawn.

  • Mmm! So good just like this.

  • Of course, you can add garlic or onions or chilli -

  • you know, there's so many things you can add to add flavour -

  • but I love them just like this.

  • Now you know how to cook them, what are you waiting for?


  • PEOPLE: Ta-da!

Why, hello!

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How to cook prawns with Curtis Stone - Coles

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