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  • So if youre a really good magician,

  • then you should be able

  • to make magic trick out of anything.

  • Whatever’s lying around.

  • The reason for that

  • is salvage, right?

  • Let’s say youre at a coffee shop.

  • And someone walks up to you,

  • And you know, likehey, do a trick."

  • I’ll doubt youre not gonna have

  • your magic color changing sponge ball

  • On your person

  • So youre gonna have to do a magic trick

  • With whatever is around.

  • Like this.

  • If you have a rubik’s cube,

  • (interrupts) I have a rubik’s cube.

  • You can solve it instantly,

  • with magic.

  • True, if you only really know

  • how to solve a rubik’s cube.

  • Or someone’s got a cigarette

  • You could take it from them,

  • and magically turn it into a pack of gum.

  • What was your problem there last time?

  • Okay. It was supposed to change

  • when my hand was up there.

  • What we do here in Las Vegas

  • If we called a friend of ours, like Pizzaro.

  • And well take an object, like Oreos,

  • and well get together.

  • And well see what are all the magic tricks

  • That you can do with such an object.

  • Maybe you can make the cream re-appear

  • In the center of an Oreo cookie.

  • That’s really a cool illusion

  • Thank you.

  • Or maybe,

  • You can spit and restore the cookie,

  • which looks pretty.

  • (stares at the cookie pack)

  • And what weve learned is

  • that the creative process

  • Sometimes is just as entertaining

  • (Screams)

  • as the end results.

  • Was that believable?

  • It was on me, it light on my face.

  • So let’s say youre doing a trick

  • With a coke bottle.

  • After years and years of having fun

  • of creating magic behind the scenes,

  • we decided to bring people in

  • On the process.

  • We brought one camera,

  • and to make it interesting,

  • We turned it into a competition.

  • Like the competition were having,

  • Right now.

  • Between card throwing

  • and catching without looking

  • And fork balancing.

  • So long story short

  • We started out as youtube video

  • Creating magic in this guy’s apartment.

  • Ended up as bigtime TV show on SYFY

  • Now we are on Penn& Teller

  • Celebrity judges,

  • and we filled the whole season in Scot.

  • So please do remember

  • to watch wizard wars.

  • And Ricky will give you a dollar.

  • Nope!

  • If you do watch wizard wars,

  • and you should,

  • it’s Tuesdays, 10/9c only on SYFY.

  • (pause)

  • Oh yeah it says so on the dollar.

  • That’s the trick.

So if youre a really good magician,

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