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  • The UNICEF Innovation team has given me this awesome opportunity

  • to conduct further research on drones.

  • Drones are technically

  • unmanned aerial vehicles. What's really great is I get to explore the use cases

  • and future possibilities.

  • People like Pia are young, creative

  • and not bogged down in the bureaucratic day-to-day that can really

  • stifle creative thinking in the organization.

  • She's as free to go as far crazy she wants to go.

  • Okay, we're going to try flying a monkey.

  • One of the first drones that I ever flew was the AR drone by Parrot,

  • and it was a really great introduction

  • to the wonderful world of drones. I began to wonder what

  • else could I do. I could only take photos and videos with this drone,

  • and I wanted to do more. My idea was to create a modular 3-D printed drone.

  • Being able to put different modules in and out easily would allow you to

  • accomplish more than one mission.

  • So right now I'm just doing the finishing touches

  • on the module that carries lab samples.

  • When you say the word drone,

  • what comes to my mind is a

  • grainy grey screen with the little target in the middle and something blowing up on the other end.

  • What we're doing is so different. What we're really exploring

  • is how drones can save lives.

  • We're looking at lifting humanitarian goods.

  • We're looking at supply chain stuff, so transporting blood tests, some new

  • development health-related activities.

  • We're looking at drones providing connectivity, so

  • cell phone networks or wireless networks that you can deploy

  • with a mobile flying network.

  • My family is from the Philippines,

  • and I'm really passionate about this project just because of everything that

  • happened with Typhoon Haiyan.

  • Though there's more development that needs to take place in order to make

  • this hardware and software more user-friendly,

  • once it becomes more user-friendly, emergency responders are going to be

  • able to do what they do faster and more efficiently.

The UNICEF Innovation team has given me this awesome opportunity

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Drones to the rescue

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