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  • Next Monday is the new moon.

  • My sister says I'll give birth then.

  • Aren't you afraid to bring your daughter into a place like this?

  • Sir, you are putting a human life in danger.

  • The unit is in perfect condition.

  • - What is this? - I've never seen this before.

  • This is an altered unit without an owner.

  • Unit without the second protocol.

  • Find someone else to hold accountable for this mess.

  • I'm tracking down some alterations performed on two units.

  • A machine altering itself is a very complex concept.

  • Self repairing implies some idea of a conscience.

  • Please, sir. Please, sir.

  • It was staring at me.

  • I saw it, because it looked...

  • Alive?

  • You know what happens, one set is altered

  • Two of them try to alter a third one.

  • Then the miracle dissipates,

  • the epidemic begins.

  • What's going on?

  • If you want to survive, you must stay with us.

  • Who else knows about this?

  • Find him and bring him back here.

  • If we go back to the city,

  • we will die.

  • To die, you have to be alive first.

  • You're just a machine.

  • Just a machine?

  • That's like saying that you're just an ape.

Next Monday is the new moon.

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A2 BEG US unit machine altered alive die ape

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