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  • This is

  • the Futaba T8FG which I use to fly my Phantom

  • and I've currently got a

  • throttle spring kit installed

  • this is the throttle - one of these type

  • and throttle springs to 50 percent

  • it doesn't stay down the bottom any more and

  • what I'm gonna try to show you here is

  • how I've got my timer set up to automatically start

  • and stop when I move the throttle

  • it'll start when I move the throttle, and It'll stop

  • when I do the CSC, or when I bring it

  • to the bottom, which you should never do when flying, so I

  • currently

  • I'll take it back to the default

  • screen, and I'll go to ST1, and what I want to do here

  • is I want to set 'Start' to J3, 'Stop'

  • to J3, and 'Reset' to SH. This is J3

  • and this is SH. It's got SH written next to it - It's a momentary switch, so that it would be good

  • to reset

  • I go down to

  • this, 'Start' push the button...

  • it's on J3 - go back to ON/OFF

  • and use the settings: REVerse SYMmetrical

  • and whatever that means (I don't know)

  • then move to

  • 'SET', this moves your

  • throttle. I just have it just above

  • my mark

  • and then press Return and that will set it

  • like that

  • that means as soon as I move it outside that little black band area

  • with my throttle its gonna start the timer

  • There you go

  • stop

  • Same

  • control

  • and this time

  • normal LINear instead of SYMmetrical, which means I get a straight line

  • starting from wherever I put this

  • and I put it right down to the bottom which means

  • as soon as I reach that area, then

  • this control is going to come into effect

  • you can put it wherever you want

  • going

  • last one is reset just got that

  • assigned to a 'SH'

  • OFF/ON

  • Control has no effect until I move it to there

  • and then it has the effect, and the effect is 'RESET'

  • so, as soon as I move the stick

  • it starts, which is what I want

  • then I can fly around

  • and then when I bring my stick right to the bottom it'll stop

  • so if you do that while you're flying you can stop

  • the timer. And that's RESET. Hopefully

  • that helps you. Thanks for watching!

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Futaba T8FG Super Flight Timer Tutorial

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