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  • Hi, my name is Joe, and uh, I can’t grow a beard.

  • Hi Joe. -Hi.

  • Thanks for joining us Joe. I know it’s tough these days showing your face in public without any hair on it.

  • Youre very brave. Who wants to go first?

  • All my friends can grow beards and they make fun of me relentlessly.

  • And theyll ask me, they'll say, “Hey did you just shave?”

  • No! No I didn’t! I haven’t shaved in a week. This is what I got.

  • You think that’s bad? I’ve been growing this thing out for over a year. I look thirteen.

  • Yesterday I caught my girlfriend reading an article called the 31 hottest bearded men of all time.

  • How about those articles that are like check out this ugly guy who sudden got really hot when he grew a beard.

  • Do you guys see the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Everybody’s complaining because the main guy

  • had to shave for the role and all of a sudden he’s not attractive. What the FxxK!?

  • Yeah but he’s so hot. He’s so hot. He’s a male model actor.

  • I mean like one fell swoop of razors isn’t gonna change that he’s hot. It is hell’s discrimination. It’s what it is.

  • Yeah, so last November.

  • Oh no, it’s November, November. This is a safe place. We don’t accommodate to impossible male beauties standard.

  • I love that. Yes. Last Movember people were asking meoh, when youre gonna grow it out. You are gonna grow it out and…”

  • You know how mad that made me feel? Like less of a man, right? Yes.

  • I know it’s hard, but you just have to donate to charity without taking photos with your sweet mustache.

  • We don’t need to hide behind follicle lice!

  • At least were honest about our jawlines!

  • I mean like, look, trends are cyclical right? that's our goal, see what I mean? If we could shave, and because we are minority….

  • Then people will psychologically be attracting you, me, and all of us again.

  • And that will be smooth and proud! (Smooth and proud!) Yeah!

  • Repeat after me. I’m a man. I cannot grow a beard. But it does not make me less of a man.

  • Makes me a man without a beard. Beauty is not in the beard. It’s the face behind it.

Hi, my name is Joe, and uh, I can’t grow a beard.

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Problems Only Guys Who Can't Grow Beards Will Understand

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    Daniel Chin posted on 2014/08/21
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