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  • Smart phones in the bar.

  • Yeah,

  • A problem that affects the whole world.

  • And how is Polar, a beer that is only sold in one state in Brazil,

  • able to solve this world problem?

  • Using technology against technology.

  • All to create the ultimate solution for this problem.

  • The Polar Cell Phone Nullifier!

  • A beer cooler that cancels out GSM, Wifi, GPS, 3G, and 4G.

  • How it works?

  • One, the beer gets in the cooler.

  • Two, it blocks every single cell phone signal within a 5-foot radius.

  • Three, everybody is back to enjoy for real.

  • We have spread the Polar Cell Phone Nullifier over the bars to promote the product,

  • and then they disseminate the idea that when there is a Polar Beer on the table and friends are joined together,

  • nothing is more important than that.

  • Everybody liked it a lot and shared it a lot.

  • Well, after they left the bar, of course.

  • Over 250 million people impacted it

  • The video that promoted the product was one of the ten most viewed ads on YouTube in Brazil.

  • Over 5 million dollars in spontaneous media.

  • And most importantly,

  • people interacting with friends and not with smart phones.

Smart phones in the bar.

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Polar Cell Phone Nullifier

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    Colin Lin   posted on 2014/08/18
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