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  • Are you in a horrible relationship?

  • Are you trying to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend but can't?

  • Are you trying to dump somebody but don't know what to say?

  • is your lucky day. You've come to the right place.

  • I'm gonna teach you the best, most effective, 100 percent guaranteed break up lines.

  • You will walk out single, and ready to mingle like a pringle.

  • These are the most success...popu... These one work!

  • (Best Break Up Lines)

  • It's not you...It's me.

  • Just kidding...It's definitely you...Girl, Bye!

  • The doctor told me I have the new allergy.

  • Oh no... What are you allergic to?

  • I'm allergic to your BO...So, Sorry.

  • Hey...It's not you...It's your mom! I'm in love with your mom.

  • Excuse you! My mom is fifty.

  • Your mama got it go and on. Can I have her number?

  • Dang! Your ex is really attractive.

  • Oh...really...Who?

  • Me! Bye!

  • I just save 50 percent of my money on Valentine's Day by switching to single. Bye.

  • Hey! Did you fall from heaven? Cuz your face is pretty messed up.

  • I cannot do it anymore. We're done.

  • Hey! Wanna see a cool magic trick?

  • Oh...sure. I love magic tricks.

  • Abracadabra cajan! Poof! You're single.

  • Wait, what?

  • Classic Z formation.


  • Hey! Wanna hear a funny joke?

  • Oh sure...I love jokes

  • Our relationship.

  • Hey I just met you and you are crazy. I got a new number so call me never

  • Hey so I heard a song today and it described our relationship perfectly.

  • Oh...oh really? What is it?


  • Well...fliggle my giggle. That is just rude.

  • Did you hear about that new movie that is called other people?

  • You know...I don't think I've heard that movie.

  • That what I want to see. As in... I wanna see other people. So...Bye.

  • You are so nice and you're pretty in all that but

  • U.G.L.Y You ain't got no alibi. You ugly. Eh Yeah! You ugly.

  • Well...Excuse me. Never in my life have I ever met someone so rude.

  • Hey baby...Can I read you a poem I wrote?

  • Oh...No way! You shouldn't have.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Trashes dumped and so are you.

  • Wait...what?

  • Hey...I'm really sorry but our relationship is about as real as your weave. Girl...Bye.

  • This is 100 percent authentic.

  • I am an independent Black woman who does not need a man.

  • I'm out!

  • Knock knock

  • Who's there? Single!

  • Single who? Single you!

  • So... sometimes I felt like we're gonna date forever.

  • Awe... You just as sweet as loving.

  • But then again, I sometimes have the feeling that I can do crystal meth, and then I think... better not.

  • Thank you guys so much for watching. Please give this video a big thumbs up for me and comment below some other break up lines.

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  • That's pretty much it. I'll see you guys next Sunday. O K BYE SEE YOU LATER

Are you in a horrible relationship?

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