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  • Winners of Best British Group and Best British Album at the Brits 2014. A big congratulations to you.

  • -Thank you. -One two. Is this on?

  • -This is on. -He had the loudest clap just now.

  • Alex, how do you feel? Has it been a good night for you as a band at the Brits this year?

  • Yes, thank you Huw. And it's young.

  • The night is young, absolutely. You're the first band ever to win Best Group and Best

  • Album three times. That's a hell of an achievement. Is it weird because you're still so young?

  • You still feel so fresh. Every album's a reinvention. Is it strange look back that you've done so

  • well at the Brits three times before?

  • -Is it strange? Is that what you said? Is this on? -Yeah, how does it feel?

  • It's got to tell you something. Three times. It's unanimous. No yeah, it's obviously...

  • It's still like unnatural experience I suppose. But much appreciated.

  • I think it. We're really delighted to be here tonight. We've had a great time. It was wonderful

  • to perform before and have our name on fire was something I've been really looking forward to.

  • Yeah, but I think... You know, as wonderful as it is to be acknowledged for something

  • you've created, I don't necessarily think that...

  • The talent of a group of musicians is necessarily directly proportional to the size of their

  • trophy cabinet, you know. That's not to be a downer on it. It's been great to be here.

  • Fire. It's wonderful. Like wonderful musicians, people here in the room tonight. It's a pleasure

  • to be mentioned alongside of course and all that, but yeah for us I think any victory

  • comes closer to the conception of the song or the record in the first place, you know.

  • You smashed it live tonight at the Brits. You've got a big summer of gigs ahead. Finsbury

  • Park, headlining Reading and Leeds, as well. Are you looking forward to those shows and

  • doing what you do best?

  • Absolutely, yeah. Yeah, I mean it's uh...

  • Can't wait for the summer, Huw. It's going to be a... It's going to be a...

  • It's going to be a great summer. Yeah.

  • And for any young bands going I'd like to an Arctic Monkeys. I want to win Brits. I

  • want to play and headline shows and do the best job ever. What would be your advice to

  • a young band who are watching you right now?

  • Well, you just... like... pick up the guitar. Quote unquote. Like whether it's actually

  • a guitar or not, I don't know. You just make a start, don't you? I think. And then... You

  • know, I think some people dream of that like their whole life or whatever, but it's not

  • like that for everybody. I don't know... What am I trying to say? It's like... Making a

  • start, you know, to create or put yourself out there, especially when you're like a teenager

  • or whatever, it's quite a difficult idea to get your head around, you know, at that time

  • in your life. It's not that out of reach, if you know what I'm saying.

  • Yeah, keep music live, man.

  • Arctic Monkeys. Congratulations, and enjoy the rest of your night.

  • -Is that all, Huw? -Yes it is.

  • Alright, thank you. Thank you everybody.

  • Arctic Monkeys.

Winners of Best British Group and Best British Album at the Brits 2014. A big congratulations to you.

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Brits 2014 Winners Room: Arctic Monkeys' AWKWARD interview backstage

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