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  • And look, we've been all over the press recently every single day.

  • There's an article about us, the Indy 100 wrote an article with the title Could BRian Rose be the next mayor of London.

  • I dropped it on social, It actually blew up.

  • It went viral.

  • Everyone is feeling that this is the time, this is the time where an independent voice can finally cut through this two party system that has a stranglehold on everything in London.

  • That's why nothing improves.

  • There's no innovation.

  • That's why we're all frustrated with the knife crime, with the economy, with the housing, with the transport.

  • They can feel that this is the chance we have, but we've got to take advantage of it in the next three weeks.

  • And uh, people are really noticing.

  • You can see I've got a bunch of press here in front of me.

  • Uh, and again, I'm still loving the Times article that actually literally says who on earth does brian Rose think he is.

  • It goes into details about my past, my struggles, my challenges, and also about why I'm so passionate to become your next mayor of London.

  • And again, I just want to talk more about how we're gonna change this city and when I do, everyone seems to resonate with it.

  • One more thing I want to say before we jump in, There's a lot of people have asked me about the polls.

  • I got this question from the Indie 100.

  • I got this question from a bunch of mainstream media publications recently and I said, Well, hold on a second with the polls, the polls are exactly this a twentieth-century instrument trying to measure a 21st century phenomenon.

  • I have real time social media data.

  • I'm talking to you right now live.

  • I see oddsmakers bookmakers who put a lot of money on the line that are betting what's going to happen on May six and they are all telling me That we are going to win on May six.

  • When I go out in the streets, when I do my polls, we have a 98 chance of winning.

  • Everyone on the streets.

  • Comes up to me and says two things Brian.

  • We love your ideas and your policies and we hate the current mayor of London.

  • I hear it all the time.

  • Sometimes it's in the opposite order.

  • They can't wait to tell me how much they are angry and upset with the current mayor of London.

  • They say, what has he done in five years?

  • He's done nothing.

  • What happens when people want to talk to him?

  • He runs and hides.

  • We see what he's doing.

  • He's a master of public relations.

  • He's a master of the photo op, but he doesn't stand and deliver.

  • That's what I do.

  • He runs and hides.

  • And so it's time for change.

  • If not you're gonna get three or four more years of this.

  • And if you don't vote Then you are, you are complicit in him becoming your mayor again for three or four more years.

  • I can't imagine that scenario, which is why me and my team are working 24/7 to make sure we become the next mayor of London and creating incredible pieces of work like this manifesto, which I'm going to talk about more today.

  • A couple more things before we jump into today's episode, as you probably heard we have our own party.

  • It's called the London Real Party.

  • And again, we couldn't be more excited if you want to know more about this, go to London Real dot party.

  • That's our website and you can find out more about what's going on.

  • This is the party finally, for Londoners and here's a little swag that we've been sending out to our London Real Party members.

  • You know, we're all in here as usual, Let's be honest, we have the best wagon, the game, we know that, but London real party again, finally, a party for Londoners, that's never happened in history and we thought it was about time that we created a party for the people of this beautiful city.

  • Nearly 10 million people that struggle with our daily life because of one man in city hall who can't get the job done.

  • We want to change that.

  • The London Real Party is a party that stands for determination.

  • It stands for innovation, perseverance, fortitude and that indomitable spirit, that's synonymous with this great country and this great city, that's what I stand for.

  • That's what the London Real party stands for and we can't wait to create this a major upset on May six.

  • If you want to join the party, come to the website London real dot party.

  • You'll get more information.

  • You can also get more from information on the brian from a site as well and we're looking forward to doing that couple final things.

  • You've got about seven days left to register to vote And again, if you are living in the city and you have a national insurance number, you can vote, go to vote first dot London.

  • There's literally a five minute process.

  • There's a video there and you can sign in with your burrow, they'll send you a letter and you'll be ready to register to vote after your registered.

  • If you want to lock in your vote for brian for mayor right now go to brian from there dot London forward slash postal and we will fill out the postal vote for you will email you a copy that or will actually post it to you.

  • All you have to do is sign it, put in your data birth and then send it into your counsel.

  • Or we'll even send you a stamped envelope or an addressed envelope that you can just pop in the post and your vote for brian is done.

  • Mhm.

And look, we've been all over the press recently every single day.

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