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  • What's up rob?

  • I'm with brian, the future mayor of London.

  • What's going on?

  • A difficult question in new york right now?

  • They have vaccines, passport over there.

  • What's the plan for London with?

  • Yeah, so I'm a big fan of freedoms.

  • Freedoms are really important.

  • Last year we we we fought for freedom of speech because I think you have the right to say what you want to say and to choose what you want to put in your brain.

  • What ideas.

  • This year we fought back because they weren't allowing me to campaign.

  • And I think that's a basic freedom.

  • I think you have the right to choose who you want as a candidate and I think you have the right to put what you want inside your body.

  • Quite frankly, I think you have the right to choose whether to take a vaccine or not or to put anything in your body.

  • The government allows us to put alcohol and tobacco in our bodies.

  • That is killing us, but it doesn't have a problem with that.

  • And yet when I hear about vaccine passports, it seems to potentially take rights away based on a decision that you should be out allowed to make for freedom.

  • So I get worried when the government starts trying to tell you what to do, I'm concerned about that.

  • So on the face of it, I don't like vaccine passports.

  • I understand that some venues want to get back to business, etcetera, but I just worry about civil liberties and human freedom is being slowly eroded away and they are.

  • So that's what, that's what my answer is.

  • Thank you very much.

  • That's why I support.

  • Thanks so much.

  • Thank you.

What's up rob?

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❗️YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE! ?? Brian Rose on Vaccine Passports And Freedoms ???

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