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  • Imagine if I told you everything you knew about dogs and cats was wrongbecause we

  • decided that some animals we'd been calling dogs were actually cats.

  • If that happened, you'd probably have questions, right?

  • Well, that.

  • just.

  • happened.

  • This is a part of the dinosaur family tree.

  • On the left is the family that contains the Brontosaurus, Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus

  • all over here in the Saurischia.Then here in the Ornithischia is the Stegosaurus and

  • Torosaurus (a.k.a, Triceratops).

  • Saurischia, Ornithischia -- aren't randomly assigned names.

  • As humans found more and more of these ancient bones, we started putting them into groups

  • and just like Chubbs said, it's all in the hips.

  • These animals have three bones in their hips: the Ilium, Ischium and Pubis.

  • On Saurischians, they're arranged like this.

  • This is called LIZARD HIPPED -- great band name.

  • And in Ornithischians they're like this -- called BIRD HIPPED.

  • Theropoda means beast-footed.

  • It's a sub-category.

  • Big.

  • Difference.

  • And this is how paleontologists started categorizing these animals to trace their ancestryit

  • dates back to 1887.

  • Until now.

  • In 2017, British scientists analyzed the anatomical samples and you know what.

  • Their hips don't lie.

  • Here's what they're proposing.

  • Ornithischians are not a separate group, but in fact, grouped with Theropods -- they want

  • to call this group Ornithoscelida -- a name thrown out in 1887, btw.

  • THEN if that weren't crazy enough

  • This paper alleges, that the anatomy indicates the Saurischia are actually TWO groups.

  • Sauropodomorphs should be its own category -- meaning Diplodocus and Brontosaurus might

  • not even be dinosaurs.

  • What?!

  • First you tell me the triceratops isn't real, and now Brontosaurus might not even

  • be a dinosaur.

  • But that's not all... the analysis also says dinosaurs are almost 100 million years

  • older than we thought they were -- at 247 million years.

  • And that they may have evolved in the Northern Hemisphere rather than the Southern.

  • There's obviously a lot here.

  • The important thing to remember is, your favorite dinosaurs aren't going anywhere.

  • But the way we're thinking about how to organize them in complex charts like this

  • -- is being completely rewritten.

  • To do thatthe researchers created a computerized model.

  • They took three years, visiting museums filled with dinosaurs all over the world.

  • They used the data available to calculate 457 different anatomical characteristics of

  • many species of dino (there are over 1,000 known) -- and looked for patterns.

  • From there, they made a computer model to form the best tree of life based on the data.

  • They plugged in the numbers over the years, and clicked go.

  • In five minutes it analyzed 32 billion different trees and picked the best one.

  • Done and done.

  • The click heard 'round the Jurassic World didn't immediately change everything though.

  • They're just suggesting the tree be rewritten.

  • 130 years of tradition isn't going to be swept away overnight.

  • Now lots of nerds all over the world are going to debate dinosaur hips.

  • Yep.

  • It's going to get lit.

  • Now that it's generally accepted dinosaurs became birds, paleontologists are trying to

  • find out where the first dinosaur evolved, and how -- hoping to reveal more about the

  • history of life on our planet.

  • We only know dinosaurs exist today because of the bones of a few that died in very specific

  • ways -- allowing their bodies (or tiny parts of them) to be preserved.

  • There will be potentially thousands of species that we never find, and could have existed

  • completely without our knowledge.

  • So we have to base our understanding on what is left.

  • One of the researchers put it humbly, and well.

  • Just because this is backed up by datadoesn't mean it's right, just that it's the best

  • we can do with the data we've got at the moment.”

  • I mean, if scientists were potentially wrong about something as fundamental as whether

  • these dinosaurs were bird-like or lizard-likewhat else might science have to revise in

  • the future

  • Research More Needed Is.

  • So ... are you curious how dinosaurs even evolved into birds?

  • I've got a video for you explaining that, right here.

  • What do you think of these new classifications?

  • Let us know in the comments and subscribe for more videos on seeker

Imagine if I told you everything you knew about dogs and cats was wrongbecause we

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