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  • I'm excited to help you enhance your communication,

  • and how your listeners respond to you.

  • The skills and techniques I share will give you and your team immediate value.

  • It's important to communicate a clear and concise message if you want to influence others.

  • What I'm trying to say is that I may be way off base here,

  • but to be honest with you without feedback and coaching from others.....

  • And this may be a stupid idea, but it would be difficult to enhance your ability to communicate.

  • Our purchase trends are similar among the different age ranges except for those who are...

  • Oh, and make sure you get that point.

  • And you see these points,

  • I want to really get that point. that point.

  • We've got a lot of trends going on,

  • that's really important for you to get.

  • Most individuals want to be more comfortable, you know, thinking on their feet,

  • and getting to the point what they actually don't realize is the way they structure is confusing and cluttered with unnecessary words.

  • So basically their sentences run together, and they lose their listeners.

  • You know what I mean.

  • The most important delivery skill is eye connection

  • because it's the only skill that conveys trust and believability.

  • For the majority of us,

  • we don't feel comfortable looking at people directly in the eye.

  • And as a result, we lose the ability to connect, to engage,

  • and we won't have that opportunity to influence them to take action.

  • You're thinking,

  • I would never behave this way.

  • When was the last time you took a close look at how your listeners perceive you?

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I'm excited to help you enhance your communication,

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    Colin Lin posted on 2014/10/16
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