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  • Mhm Hello Enfield.

  • I have parked my bus here in the beautiful borough of Enfield and we are out here today to talk about the release of our manifesto for the Future.

  • There it is upside down and right side around this is the document that's going to change London and change the world And you can go view it right now.

  • It's 48 pages of amazing.

  • Go to BRian from London forwards last manifesto.

  • This is the result of eight months of work.

  • This is detailed policy solutions from our policing, to our housing, to our transport problems, to reviving this economy.

  • Everything is in there in detail, everything is costed down to the pound.

  • This is the result of eight months of hard work from my team and myself, but also involving senior members of the House of Lords, senior members of the Metropolitan Police, senior members of transport for London, as well as economists, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs Nobel prize winners.

  • But more than that also everyday people here on the streets have come up to me and said, brian, I'm frustrated with this L.

  • T N.

  • What can you do about it?

  • Boom, the solution is in here brian, I'm frustrated about knife crime.

  • My Children are scared to go out on the streets.

  • Boom, I have the solution in here, brian.

  • I'm frustrated that our mayor is raising the congestion charge boom.

  • I have the solution in here.

  • Everything is detailed and again, I've shown this to some senior level people in politics and many of them have privately said brian, this is the best manifesto I've ever seen.

  • And I said, well, what do you mean?

  • Ever seen?

  • They said I've ever seen in 20 or 30 years.

  • I've never seen someone with such detail, such passion that has a document that's so congruent with everything they do and it makes me really proud, you know, that we've gone all in on this.

  • I've been out here campaigning for six months.

  • Uh, there's some people that have just come to this race recently that probably won't have a manifesto.

  • We are different.

  • We thought about these issues, we care about these issues.

  • And I'm coming out there to talk to every single one of the Londoners.

  • Every time I have a conversation with someone here on the streets within 10 minutes, they say, Okay, I'm gonna vote for you Brian.

  • I wish everyone could have this conversation with you because then you will win.

  • And that's what we know when I'm out on the streets.

  • I have a 98 chance of winning by my poles here.

  • And it's just about getting these documents out and getting the word out.

  • We're gonna make history on May six.

  • So thank you renfield for having us.

  • It's great to be here.

  • What an amazing place.

  • A great high street, lots of people hanging out and talking to lots of people here and again.

  • Go get your copy of the manifesto right now, brian from there dot London forward slash manifesto.

  • It's happening.

  • It's a beautiful fun document.

  • My four year old son caden is reading at home.

  • He loves it again.

  • It's very graphic.

  • There are a lot of detailed logos here on exactly how we're gonna change this city.

  • We couldn't be more proud.

  • We've got three weeks left.

  • Let's make this happen on May six, join my team.

  • Hashtag brian from air, share the stuff, have a word with your people and let's make this happen.

  • Let's make history.

  • It's time to take London in a new direction with an independent voice and fresh ideas and we're gonna do this on May six.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Yeah.

Mhm Hello Enfield.

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