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  • Oh crap, I wore my red shirt.

  • I'll just have to take the risk.

  • Quantum teleportation, to space has finally been done 'successfully.Which is super exciting,

  • but it's quantum -- which means we didn't teleport a thing per se, but some data.

  • Basically, Chinese scientists beamed photons from the ground to a satellite orbiting above

  • the Earth; then they messed with them using quantum entanglement

  • Entanglement, we've talked about before, Einstein called itspooky action at a distance.”

  • And it happens when you have two particlesusually photonsthat are created together.

  • They're like twins, and their twinning can stretch across space and timelike me

  • and Mark Ruffalo.

  • Because they were entangled, when the scientists observed the spin of the Earth-photons they

  • could also know the spin of the photons in space too!

  • They spin in the exact same way!

  • Even though there's no physical connection between the two, they're justmimicking

  • each other.

  • How?

  • No one knows.

  • It's, Spooky.

  • Action.

  • They're like telepathic twins in different cities.

  • Like me and Mark Ruffalo.

  • In this case, the Chinese satellite was capable of sensing the quantum state of the photons,

  • so they could prove that the photons were entangled.

  • Even across a vast distance!

  • So think about this for a minute, right now, if I want to send a message I have to secure

  • it with encryption.

  • Like over secured radio waves.

  • But, if we could make entangled phones

  • When my quantum particle moved, yours would move.

  • If we can take advantage of that, we could communicate without any perceivable physical

  • interaction!

  • Of course, we're totally not there yet.

  • Quantum states are detectable, but, by the laws of quantum mechanics, once we observe

  • a particle, it changes.

  • The nice thing is, entanglement means we only have to observe one of the particles to sense

  • the state of the other's, but it's not two-way data transferyet.

  • So, we teleported information to space, which is a humongous accomplishment.

  • But the practicality of is still up in the air.

  • Quantum mechanics is still bound by the same laws of the universe as regular physics (in

  • some ways).

  • So we couldn't use the particles as faster-than-light communication, but we could use them sort

  • of like decoder rings.

  • For example: If a spy has one of a twin set of entangled particles, and their contact

  • has the other, alongside each is a coded message.

  • If they meet, observe their particles, and the spins match

  • They'd know no one had tampered with their messages.

  • Ultimate security.

  • Companies are already working on quantum entanglement as a security protocol for the future internet.

  • Quantum entanglement could lead to moving data without wires or wireless frequencies.

  • And, because anyone who somehow observed the entangled photons (i.e. spied on them) would

  • alter them, security could be incredible.

  • The problem is, quantum mechanics isn't fully understood.

  • This is very much like trying to create a whole new type of computer, without fully

  • understanding how computer chips work.

  • Or, likebuilding an airplane without fully understanding air molecules!

  • Still, some Dutch researchers plan to start the first, rudimentary quantum computer network

  • soon, and they're not alone.

  • It's a huge engineering challenge.

  • And it's not impossible, but it's hard.

  • Success would most definitely change the world

  • A quantum internet could change our banking system, security would be way better, but

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  • And Crystal, here, can tell you about how quantum computing actually could work!

  • Click it!

  • One last fun fact: In this Chinese experiment, the team sent millions of photons to their

  • satellite to measure them, but the sat only caught 911.

  • So, again, it's a tough way to send information, but not impossible

Oh crap, I wore my red shirt.

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Quantum Teleportation Is Real, Here's How It Works

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