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  • Now, you've heard of blacks holes, but what about 5 dimensional black holes?!

  • Now, we experience the world in 3 dimensions plus time - that makes 4.

  • To prove the existence of any other dimensions we would have to use high powered experiments

  • like the Large Hadron Collider or theoretical physics.

  • For instance, string theory, which suggests that the most elementary particles in the

  • universe are tiny vibrating strings.

  • This theory proposes that the universe could be made up of as many as 11 dimensions.

  • Weird, right?

  • Now for theoretical physicists this opened up a world of possibilities.

  • For instance, back in 2002, physicists theorized that if the universe did have 5 dimensions,

  • -- a crazy kind of 5D black hole, called a black ring, could exist.

  • However, it wasn't until recently that they were able to model what these would look like.

  • It was scientists from UNiversity of Cambridge and Queen Mary University of London who used

  • the COSMOS supercomputer to run a simulation on black rings.

  • The results published in the journal Physical Review Letters found that a black ring is

  • highly unstable.

  • And that its structure can pull apart, kind of like silly putty.

  • The researchers found that a black ring could in fact, be stretched out so thinly, that

  • it could produce smaller mini-black holes that were pinched off from the main ring.

  • Now as the ring breaks apart it becomes what's called a “naked singularity”, which is

  • where things gets weird.

  • Now a singularity is located right in the center of a black hole and it's where the

  • gravitational field is most dense.

  • But since nothing, not even light can escape a black hole, we can't see these singularities.

  • But a black ring in a 5 dimensional universe with a naked singularity would be very different.

  • Naked singularities are so named, because they are no longer hidden within the boundaries

  • of a black hole or the event horizon.

  • Remember, these singularities are formed as a black ring is breaking apart to form new

  • black holes.

  • Basically, what this all means is that we could potentially see them!* And unlike a

  • 4D singularity, you might even be able to GO INSIDE OF A NAKED SINGULARITY AND COME


  • Simply put, all this turns Einstein's theory of relativity on it's head.

  • That's because all of Einstein's equations to predict the future of our universe and

  • how it works are all based on the idea that it exists in 4 dimensions.

  • If we can prove that black rings exist it means that his theory, isn't wrong but could

  • be incomplete.

  • This means that researchers would have to find a whole new theory to explain the universe.

  • But like I said, this is only a computer model, for now it's like scientists are just having

  • fun seeing how far they can stretch physics on a computer.

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  • The physics of black holes is strange and weird.

  • I mean nothing can escape them!

  • How is that even possible, can nothing really escape a black hole?

  • Well Julian has the answer, right here.

Now, you've heard of blacks holes, but what about 5 dimensional black holes?!

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Do Five Dimensional Black Holes Prove Einstein Wrong?

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