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  • um, Pepper Thai.

  • And this is what I eat in the day.

  • The first thing I do when I woke up because I heard somebody is calling right out the door.

  • So getting mice because he always calling for you.

  • I I in the morning.

  • Then we come down and I start to prepare their breakfast.

  • I just like munching with them, but they always want me to sit with them or the mommy or daddy.

  • So I spending breakfast time with the Children, the kids, Children, breakfast if they don't have, like, sausage and that there will be a joke.

  • Uh, the rice parade that I made, uh, agent breakfast for myself.

  • I'm not a very breakfast person, but I have a cup of coffee.

  • Sometimes we'll have some, like a doughnut or something.

  • My coffee is cream and sugar all the way.

  • I love it.

  • Yes.

  • Going to have to go in the morning snack.

  • This is for during the day.

  • I will make a trail mix fruit with a deep spicy like I met here with Wawa.

  • It might be pineapple cut up mangos, apples for the Children.

  • I love it if you know peanut butters, but our snack all day with fruit, vegetables both me and Chrissy.

  • So we eat pretty much the same thing together.

  • But you can do it all day for lunch time.

  • I would like to prepare like once a week at least I gotta have pop tie for everyone.

  • We love it so much so I bought a big bag of the noodles.

  • You know, the last last month.

  • So part I is I must have once a week at least other than part I there will be like easy fry Crispy chicken wing is very easy and fast to me Mice love it.

  • Uh, Bobby ribs defy rib is the best.

  • It's his favorite.

  • All time for dinner is important time because that's when everybody together favor that for household is like scalloped potatoes that everyone loves.

  • But John he great onstage, Chrissy just like doing her thing, building right out from her cookbook for me I do it myself like later after everybody finish, I will make myself a little tight thing.

  • It must have because I eat more spicy.

  • So I have to like safe room for myself my favorite favorite dinner dish that I can eat it every day is my papaya salad with woman chili noodles.

  • Sometimes I add some shrimp in a lots of vegetable letters on the side.

  • I can live with that every day for the beverage.

  • I prefer beer, and it had to be in a can.

  • No straw, either.

  • Sometimes they got me from the bottle a little bit.

  • Very upset me, John.

  • From time to time.

  • He liked to open up champagne I can bring with him the day of him and yeah, I for champagne on Saturday for cocktail.

  • I like Margarita with lots of Saudi Nair.

  • The first thing that will finish from my glasses, the salt land night snack.

  • Yes, we do.

  • Me and Chrissy a big snacker.

  • Sometimes we walked, passed by each other, going down to the kitchen to get park right?

  • Just sometimes, just me and her sit in a downstairs eating park, right for a dessert.

  • When at the time market always come home with some tidy that's so sweet a little dumping that sugar and make it into a little ball and then cook it.

  • America Syrup.

  • It's been my favorite, and I was a kid.

  • Sometimes when I'm running about and Sometimes I have to eat out, even just Thai restaurant place.

  • But I always have this chili powder in my purse.

  • And sometimes they look at in my bowl like where it is come from because they don't have that because I can't live without spies and you can't have too much pepper after dinner.

  • The Children are always asked me for the time milk.

  • Every time he asked for it, I'll give it to him.

  • And I said, What did you say?

  • And he said, Cobb, corncob.

  • I mean, thank you very much.

  • This is all I eat in a day.

  • Thank you for watching.

  • Be sure to pre order.

  • My cookbook is pre order now and be out in the spring.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

um, Pepper Thai.

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