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  • Oh, sorry, I got caught up here.

  • This is great stuff.

  • So there it is.

  • London Real courier, Go to our website.

  • If you want to order some copies can also order leaflets if you want to pass them out around London.

  • Like I said, our volunteers are doing an incredible job here.

  • We've got the second edition of the London Real Career being delivered to a quarter million homes right now in London.

  • We've already had a million of our leaflets going out, and we are going to continue pushing our message because I'm so passionate.

  • And I just spoke with a young man on Old Street.

  • He said He said, Why are you doing all this?

  • Why would the bus?

  • Why are you out on a bank holiday?

  • And I said, because I care.

  • I care about this city and I can't sit by and watch this current crop of politicians run the city.

  • I love into the ground.

  • I got to do something about it.

  • That's why I'm out here.

  • I'm so passionate about this and a lot of people feel that and again come with us on this journey.

  • Let's let's make London a world class city once again.

  • Also, I want to talk about some other press that's happening.

  • And that's this, uh, incredible article that came out this week in the Times.

  • You can probably get a close up of it here, and this is me posing with my wife Marianna in the studio.

  • Now, this picture shows us not smiling, but I promise we definitely were smiling for many of the pictures they took, but they took the very serious picture.

  • It is a great picture.

  • Um, and the article says, Who on earth does Brian Rose think he is?

  • And that's a great question.

  • Who on earth does Brian Rose think he is?

  • And the article goes on to talk about a lot of my history, the history of London, real, the fact that I used to be a Wall Street banker.

  • And then it gets into my detailed policies here.

  • 10,000 new police officers on the street.

  • Better trained police fully digitized Metropolitan Police.

  • Here it is in black and white.

  • He wants to build 50,000 modular homes by the end of 2021 on TfL land and raise £100 million from businesses to fund after school programs for teenagers spoken in print set out of my mouth.

  • We've got real, detailed policies here, and I was really moved to see the fact that one of the greatest newspapers in the world was willing to spend time with me and talk about our policies there.

  • So very, very important.

  • If you want to read this whole article, go to the Times website or you can pick up a copy if you can go find some old newspapers.

  • And again, more press is coming because people know that we are a real candidate for the next mayor of London.

  • On May six.

  • We are going to pull off the greatest upset in British political history and become the next mayor of London, Uh, and not be part of the two party system.

  • And we're very proud of that again.

  • The circulation of this newspaper is 420,000 is one of the largest papers in London, and there'll be a lot more of this press coming soon.

  • Couple last things people on the streets are saying, Brian, how can I get the T shirts?

  • How can I get the mugs if you go to Brian from era dot London.

  • You can get all that swag you can also donate, and whether it's £5 or £500 we can really appreciate it.

  • It helps us get the message out there and do more of what we wanna do.

  • You can also order stickers on the website, and you can register for your postal vote.

  • Brian from there dot London for slash postal and lock your vote in right now.

  • We'll send you that postal vote in the mail or will email you a copy.

  • Mhm.

Oh, sorry, I got caught up here.

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WHO ON EARTH DOES HE THINK HE IS? | One Of The Greatest Newspapers Spent Time With Me - Brian Rose

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