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  • mhm.

  • All right.

  • Happy bank.

  • Holiday.

  • Thank you very much.

  • It's good Friday and we're out here in Black Heath, Beautiful part of Lewisham here behind me.

  • And, of course I'm rolling in.

  • Yeah, Brian from Airbus.

  • And, you know, part of me wants to wonder what all these nice people are doing having coffee behind me, and then we just roll in with the bus.

  • But you know what?

  • We're super proud of our plans for months for London.

  • We're super proud of our policies.

  • I was just talking with a bunch of people about the economy, about knife, crime, about transport, about housing.

  • And they all have real concerns and everyone has a different concern.

  • And the more I listen, the more I learn about what you need as Londoners to change in this city.

  • So that's why I refused to stop coming out to every single borough in London.

  • I refuse to stop even on a holiday because this is so important.

  • We've got 32 days left 34 days until the election, and it's important for me to get out there on the streets.

  • I'm doing something that the current mayor of London has been told he can no longer go out in public because if he was here right now, people would be yelling at him.

  • He would be running and hiding.

  • I stand and deliver and I will talk to anybody.

  • Hear about anything they want to talk about.

  • I'm gonna record it.

  • I'm gonna put it online.

  • People have asked me some hard questions today about crime, about stop and search about representation in their communities.

  • And I've answered those questions.

  • And if I don't know the answer, I'm gonna go find out the answer, and I'm gonna work it into my policies and make those changes for London.

  • So that's the plan.

  • Leave me a comment below.

  • Go to my website and tell me what borough you want me to come see next.

  • If you see this coming through your neighborhood, use the hashtag Brian from mayor and I'll send you some free swag.

  • And look, we're in second place.

  • We're moving into first.

  • I'm expecting the BBC to call me for the next debate.

  • BBC I'm waiting for that phone call, So please stop ducking me.

  • I'm the only candidate who can beat City Con and I will beat him on May 6.

  • We're really excited to change London.

  • Take it in a new direction again.

  • I think our ideas are better than anyone else's.

  • I know they are, and they're 10 times better, and they're going to kick start this economy.

  • The great celebration.

  • What's up, man?

  • A lot of love in the streets out here.

  • Don't believe the polls.

  • Don't believe the polls.

  • When I do my poll out here, we got a 98% chance of winning on May 6.

  • And that's why I'm excited.

  • So thank you to everybody.

  • I hope you're having a great bank holiday weekend.

  • I'm gonna go talk to as many people as possible here.

  • And then we're back on the road.

  • Hope you caught my digital livestream much love.

  • And I hope you're having a great Easter weekend.


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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/06
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