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  • let Jimmy come back with us.

  • Not just a visit.

  • I mean, for good.

  • Yeah.

  • You You want me to give Jimmy to you?

  • Want me to give up my son?

  • Know he'd have a good home.

  • One he knows when he remembers.

  • You know, the school's he'd go to the teachers.

  • God, stop.

  • I can't hear this.

  • I saw Donnie hit Jimmy on the street.

  • I saw him hit you and it didn't look like a first time.

  • A little or a lot.

  • No amounts.

  • Good.

  • That's why you came to take him, Laura.

  • We came to help.

  • Whatever the situation is, Jimmy can't stay there.

  • Can't stay here.

  • He needs his mother.

  • Then come with us.

  • You and Jimmy, we'll take care of you.

  • Live with us like before.

  • Tuna.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm.

  • You come and stay with us.

  • Marry you.

  • He'd kill me, him and his mother.

  • She couldn't care less if I fell off the face of the earth.

  • Really?

  • But she never let me go.

  • Or Jimmy.

  • Donnie got away from her once.

  • She's never going to let that happen again.

  • I don't want Jimmy to grow up like that.

  • I don't want him to be like them, then you know what's right, honey, you want us to drive you out?

  • We could do that right now.

  • Right?

  • George?

  • The three of us, we can get Jimmy, pack you up, take you.

  • No, no.

  • I'll meet you.

  • Everybody's usually asleep at midnight.

  • I'll have to wait to be sure you should come get you, sweetheart.

  • No, this is the way.

  • The safest way.

  • Trust me.

  • That's that's what everyone wants most, isn't it?

  • For you and Jimmy to be safe.

  • Mm.

  • And happy.

  • We're out of the moon, Wink.

  • Okay.

  • Cabin seven at the moon.

  • Wink.

  • I heard you.

  • I know where it is.

  • Should be their right to.

  • But we have to leave right when I get there.

  • No waiting.

  • Mhm.

  • Mm hmm.

let Jimmy come back with us.

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