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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech our question today is how do i

  • pronounce literal literally literate

  • and illiterate i grouped all those words together even though they came from four

  • different people because the issue with the pronunciation is

  • very similar so let's take a look at all of these words we have

  • literal literally illiterate i'm sorry literate and ill

  • literate so let's tackle what is really difficult for most people it's

  • that flap t that you're hearing most americans

  • will pronounce this first t as a d so you will hear people say

  • litter litter so to say this part of the word let's start with the l

  • tip of the tongue is behind the back of the top front teeth l

  • and then you're going to pull it down for that short i

  • sound then quickly touch the back of the top of the front teeth

  • again for that d and then move to the er with square tense lips

  • litter litter litter yes that d is very very fast

  • in this situation litter litter litter so now that you know that you can

  • tackle this word by just adding the l litter l literal

  • literal literal and then we can add the ending here literally

  • literally literally

  • literate literate literate

  • illiterate illiterate illiterate some of you may be asking i hear people

  • say different things for the word literally yes you will you might hear

  • people say literally with a t you might hear people

  • say literally um but i personally say

  • literally and whichever one you choose people are going to understand you so

  • again you have choices for that word it could be

  • literally literally or literally whichever you choose let's give these

  • words all a try again literal

  • literally literate illiterate one more time because i got a

  • little confused literal literally

  • literate illiterate so give it a try people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful we'd love a like a

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  • thanks everyone

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech our question today is how do i

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How to Pronounce LITERAL, LITERALLY, LITERATE, ILLITERATE - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/04/02
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