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  • The paradox of windmills is this: extract kinetic  energy from the wind while still letting the  

  • wind past. Unlike a dam, where you extract the  potential energy from the height of the water  

  • and so you can lower the water as much as you  want without slowing the flow, with a windmill,  

  • you extract kinetic energy from the *motion* of  the wind, which causes the wind to slow down.

  • So how much wind should a windmill mill?

  • Well, the maximum possible amount  of energy you can extract from the  

  • wind is simply the difference between  its initial and final kinetic energy.  

  • Kinetic energy depends on speed squaredso if the outgoing wind speed is, say,  

  • half of the incoming speed, then the final wind  energy will be a quarter of the initial energy,  

  • meaning that three quarters of the energy of the  wind was extracted when it passed the windmill.

  • But then there's the question of how much  of the wind you can actually extract energy  

  • from. It turns out that the speed of the  wind at a windmill is halfway between the  

  • incoming and outgoing wind speeds. So forfinal wind speed of half the incoming speed,  

  • the speed at the windmill will be  three fourths the incoming speed,  

  • which means only three fourths as much wind  can actually pass the windmill every second.

  • Combining these two facts means thatwindmill that slows the wind to half its  

  • initial speed allows three fourths as much  wind to pass and extracts three fourths of  

  • the energy from that wind, for a total efficiency  of three fourths times three fourths, or 56.25%.

  • Doing the same math for other  possible wind speed reductions,  

  • you find that the most efficient windmill possible  slows the wind to a third of its incoming speed.  

  • Reducing to 1/3 speed achieves a kinetic energy  "efficiency" of v^2-(v/3)^2 equals 88.88% of  

  • the energy of wind passing the windmill  is extracted. And reducing the wind to  

  • 1/3 speed after the windmill means the wind  passing the windmill is going at 2/3 speed,  

  • so 2/3 as much wind passes through the  windmill. And 88.88% energy extraction  

  • from 2/3 of the wind results in an overall  efficiency of 88.88*2/3 = 59.259 percent.

  • A windmill that slows the wind down  below 1/3 speed will get a higher  

  • percentage of the energy but from even less wind,  

  • for a lower overall efficiency. And a windmill  that slows the wind down less will get a lower  

  • percentage of the energy from somewhat more  wind, again for a lower overall efficiency.

  • So how much wind should a windmill mill? 2/3 of  it, for 59% efficiency in extracting the energy.

  • Obviously, real world windmills are  far more complicated and have way  

  • more engineering considerations, so  the 59% number may not apply exactly.

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The paradox of windmills is this: extract kinetic  energy from the wind while still letting the  

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How Much Wind Should A Windmill Mill?

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